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Published GAIN Reports

These reports are in PDF format and you will need Adobe Reader in order to view or print these files. The download is free at
Grain and Feed Annual_Lagos_Nigeria_4-20-2015New4/24/2015 2:55 PM
Draft Amendments on Standards for Artificial Sweetener_New Delhi_India_4-21-2015New4/24/2015 2:55 PM
Rice Price - Weekly_Bangkok_Thailand_4-21-2015New4/24/2015 2:55 PM
Oilseeds and Products Annual_Tokyo_Japan_4-21-2015New4/24/2015 2:55 PM
Sugar Annual_New Delhi_India_4-21-2015New4/24/2015 2:55 PM
Sugar Annual_Managua_Nicaragua_4-15-20154/23/2015 2:55 PM
Cotton and Products Annual_Dakar_Senegal_4-20-20154/23/2015 2:55 PM
Legislation on Biomass Sustainability Criteria_The Hague_Netherlands_4-20-20154/23/2015 2:55 PM
Fish and Seafood Market Brief - Bulgaria_Sofia_Bulgaria_4-20-20154/23/2015 2:55 PM
Indonesian Apple Imports Requirements Return to Normal _Jakarta_Indonesia_4-22-20154/22/2015 2:55 PM
Sugar Annual_San Salvador_El Salvador_4-18-20154/22/2015 2:55 PM
Sugar Annual_Caracas_Venezuela_3-9-20154/22/2015 2:55 PM
Mexico Supports Growers of Select Commodities _Mexico_Mexico_4-17-20154/22/2015 2:55 PM
Sugar Annual_Brussels USEU_EU-28_4-17-20154/22/2015 2:55 PM
Oilseeds and Products Sector Update_Sofia_Bulgaria_4-17-20154/22/2015 2:55 PM
Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards - Narrative_The Hague_Netherlands_4-13-20154/22/2015 2:55 PM
Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards - Narrative_The Hague_Belgium-Luxembourg_4-13-20154/22/2015 2:55 PM
Sugar Annual_Mexico City_Mexico_4-16-20154/21/2015 2:55 PM
Sugar Annual_Buenos Aires_Argentina_4-15-20154/21/2015 2:55 PM
Poland - Rapeseed and Products Annual - Spring 2015_Warsaw_Poland_4-16-20154/21/2015 2:55 PM
Sugar Annual_Cairo_Egypt_4-15-20154/21/2015 2:55 PM
Sugar Annual_Canberra_Australia_4-16-20154/21/2015 2:55 PM
Rules for Allocation of Subsidies for Purebred Livestock Breeding _Moscow_Russian Federation_4-16-20154/20/2015 2:55 PM
Draft EAEU Regulation on Identification of Animals and Products_Moscow_Russian Federation_4-17-20154/20/2015 2:55 PM
Draft EAEU Regulation on Development of Sanitary Requirements_Moscow_Russian Federation_4-16-20154/20/2015 2:55 PM
Sugar Annual_Manila_Philippines_4-16-20154/20/2015 2:55 PM
Sugar Annual_Jakarta_Indonesia_4-16-20154/20/2015 2:55 PM
Sugar Annual_San Jose_Costa Rica_4-15-20154/20/2015 2:55 PM
Sugar Annual_Quito_Ecuador_3-23-20154/20/2015 2:55 PM
Sugar Annual_Bogota_Colombia_4-14-20154/20/2015 2:55 PM
Sugar Annual_Ankara_Turkey_4-15-20154/20/2015 2:55 PM
Exporter Guide Sri Lanka – 2015_New Delhi_Sri Lanka_4-15-20154/17/2015 2:56 PM
FSSAI Publishes Amendments to Standards and Additives Regulations_New Delhi_India_4-14-20154/17/2015 2:56 PM
MOA 4 2015 New FFPO Recognition Procedures _Jakarta_Indonesia_4-10-20154/17/2015 2:56 PM
FSSAI Publishes Packaging and Labeling Amendment Regulations 2015_New Delhi_India_4-14-20154/17/2015 2:56 PM
Self-Declaration System to Replace Affidavits in FSSAI’s FICS_New Delhi_India_4-14-20154/17/2015 2:56 PM
Geographical Indications - Status and Procedures_Warsaw_Poland_4-13-20154/17/2015 2:56 PM
Romania names new President for Veterinary Authority_Bucharest_Romania_4-14-20154/17/2015 2:56 PM
Government advisors think livestock production is not fit for future_Berlin_Germany_4-8-20154/17/2015 2:56 PM
2015 Poultry Products Trade Facilitation_Taipei_Taiwan_4-15-20154/17/2015 2:56 PM
Sugar Annual_Lima_Peru_3-27-20154/17/2015 2:55 PM
Mexico Proposes Seed for Planting Labeling Requirements_Mexico_Mexico_4-14-20154/17/2015 2:55 PM
Sugar Annual_Islamabad_Pakistan_4-14-20154/17/2015 2:55 PM
USDA’s Food for Progress Program Strengthens Ethiopia’s Dairy Sector_Addis Ababa_Ethiopia_4-14-20154/17/2015 2:55 PM
Sugar Annual_Nairobi_Kenya_4-14-20154/17/2015 2:55 PM
Oilseeds and Products Annual_New Delhi_India_4-14-20154/17/2015 2:55 PM
African Union Launches Ag Growth Strategy _Addis Ababa_Ethiopia_4-14-20154/17/2015 2:55 PM
Livestock and Products Semi-annual_Tokyo_Japan_4-14-20154/17/2015 2:55 PM
Wine Annual_Wellington_New Zealand_4-14-20154/16/2015 2:55 PM
Doing Business in Albania Exporter Guide 2015_Rome_Albania_4-13-20154/16/2015 2:55 PM
Poland - Grain and Feed Annual_Warsaw_Poland_4-13-20154/16/2015 2:55 PM
National disaster impact Chilean production_Santiago_Chile_4-10-20154/16/2015 2:55 PM
Biofuels - Brazil Raises Federal Taxes and Blend Mandate_Sao Paulo ATO_Brazil_4-16-20154/16/2015 2:55 PM
Oilseeds and Products Annual_Ottawa_Canada_4-7-20154/15/2015 2:55 PM
Vietnam issued New Guidance on Food Safety Inspection of Imported Go_Hanoi_Vietnam_4-10-20154/15/2015 2:55 PM
Grain and Feed Annual_Astana_Kazakhstan - Republic of_4-10-20154/15/2015 2:55 PM
Japan's Basic Plan for Food Agriculture and Rural Areas_Tokyo_Japan_4-10-20154/15/2015 2:55 PM
Rice Trade - Monthly_Hanoi_Vietnam_4-10-20154/15/2015 2:55 PM
Oilseeds and Products Annual_Hanoi_Vietnam_4-8-20154/15/2015 2:55 PM
Consultations Being Sought on Revised LLP Draft Policy _Ottawa_Canada_4-9-20154/14/2015 2:56 PM
Sugar Annual_Santo Domingo_Dominican Republic_4-8-20154/14/2015 2:56 PM
Grain and Feed Annual_Santo Domingo_Dominican Republic_4-9-20154/14/2015 2:55 PM
Sugar Annual_Bangkok_Thailand_4-9-20154/14/2015 2:55 PM
Rice Price - Weekly_Bangkok_Thailand_4-9-20154/14/2015 2:55 PM
Transitional Import Tariffs for Armenia in EAEU until 2022_Moscow_Armenia - Republic of_4-3-20154/14/2015 2:55 PM
Rice Trade - Monthly_Hanoi_Vietnam_4-9-20154/14/2015 2:55 PM
Enabling Food for All - Exhibition Announcement_New Delhi_India_4-9-20154/14/2015 2:55 PM
Grain and Feed Annual_Caracas_Venezuela_3-30-20154/13/2015 3:02 PM
U.S.-Peru TPA a Win-Win for Both Partners_Lima_Peru_4-8-20154/13/2015 3:02 PM
Wine Annual_Buenos Aires_Argentina_4-6-20154/13/2015 2:55 PM
Ethiopia’s Taxes on Imported Food and Ag Commodities_Addis Ababa_Ethiopia_4-7-20154/13/2015 2:55 PM
A thirteen percent increase in South Africa’s chicken meat prices_Pretoria_South Africa - Republic of_4-10-20154/13/2015 2:55 PM
Cotton and Products Annual_Canberra_Australia_4-8-20154/10/2015 2:55 PM
Grain and Feed Annual_Canberra_Australia_4-7-20154/10/2015 2:55 PM
Rice Price - Weekly_Bangkok_Thailand_4-7-20154/10/2015 2:55 PM
Winning Hearts and Minds through Stomachs_Guatemala_Guatemala_4-6-20154/10/2015 2:55 PM
Cotton and Products Annual_Mexico City_Mexico_4-7-20154/10/2015 2:55 PM
Grain and Feed Annual_London_EU-28_3-27-20154/10/2015 2:55 PM
Russian Agricultural Policy and Situation Bi-Weekly Update – 5 _Moscow_Russian Federation_4-7-20154/10/2015 2:55 PM
Sugar Annual_Guatemala City_Guatemala_3-31-20154/9/2015 2:55 PM
Market Access for U.S. Chilled Pork Meat to Chile _Santiago_Chile_2-24-20154/9/2015 2:55 PM
Dominican Republic Governmental Support for the Rice Sector _Santo Domingo_Dominican Republic_4-2-20154/9/2015 2:55 PM
Oilseeds and Products Annual_Moscow_Russian Federation_4-6-20154/9/2015 2:55 PM
Oilseeds and Products Annual_Cairo_Egypt_4-2-20154/9/2015 2:55 PM
Grain and Feed Annual_Islamabad_Pakistan_4-3-20154/8/2015 2:55 PM
Cotton and Products Annual_Islamabad_Pakistan_4-1-20154/8/2015 2:55 PM
Oilseeds and Products Annual_Islamabad_Pakistan_4-1-20154/8/2015 2:55 PM
The SA Poultry Association mounts press offense against the U.S._Pretoria_South Africa - Republic of_4-1-20154/7/2015 2:56 PM
Retail Foods_Seoul ATO_Korea - Republic of_2015-04-014/7/2015 2:56 PM
Cotton and Products Annual_Rome_Greece_4-2-20154/7/2015 2:56 PM
Cotton and Products Annual_Brasilia_Brazil_4-2-20154/7/2015 2:55 PM
Grain and Feed Annual_Brasilia_Brazil_4-1-20154/7/2015 2:55 PM
Intervention Prices for 2015 Grain Crop_Moscow_Russian Federation_4-2-20154/7/2015 2:55 PM
Grain and Feed Annual_Ankara_Turkey_3-30-20154/7/2015 2:55 PM
Oilseeds and Products Annual_Bangkok_Thailand_4-1-20154/6/2015 2:56 PM
Oilseeds and Products Annual_Mexico City_Mexico_4-1-20154/6/2015 2:56 PM
Oilseeds and Products Annual_Buenos Aires_Argentina_4-1-20154/6/2015 2:56 PM
Grain and Feed Annual_Buenos Aires_Argentina_4-1-20154/6/2015 2:56 PM
Grain and Feed Annual_Belgrade_Serbia_4-1-20154/6/2015 2:56 PM
Nile Nuggets for March 2015_Cairo_Egypt_3-30-20154/6/2015 2:56 PM
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