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Published GAIN Reports

These reports are in PDF format and you will need Adobe Reader in order to view or print these files. The download is free at
Irish Alcohol Bill Could Impact U.S. Exports to the EU_Brussels USEU_EU-28_10-20-2016New10/25/2016 2:56 PM
Food Processing Ingredients_Paris_France_10-5-2016New10/25/2016 2:56 PM
Draft Expanded Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) for Ingredients_Tokyo_Japan_10-20-2016New10/25/2016 2:56 PM
Grain and Feed Update_Tokyo_Japan_10-18-2016New10/25/2016 2:56 PM
Dairy and Products Annual_Moscow_Russian Federation_10-19-2016New10/24/2016 2:57 PM
Azerbaijan Tariff Increases November 2_Ankara_Azerbaijan - Republic of_10-17-2016New10/24/2016 2:57 PM
Dairy and Products Annual_Tokyo_Japan_10-19-2016New10/24/2016 2:57 PM
South China Wine and Beer Import Market Booming_Guangzhou_China - Peoples Republic of_10-19-2016New10/24/2016 2:57 PM
Exporter Guide_Kiev_Ukraine_10-18-201610/21/2016 2:56 PM
Rice Price - Weekly_Bangkok_Thailand_6-28-201610/21/2016 2:56 PM
Rice Price - Weekly_Bangkok_Thailand_10-18-201610/21/2016 2:56 PM
Cotton and Products - Update_Madrid_Spain_10-18-201610/21/2016 2:56 PM
Tree Nuts Market Brief Update 2016_Seoul ATO_Korea - Republic of_10-6-201610/20/2016 2:56 PM
Dairy and Products Annual_Seoul ATO_Korea - Republic of_10-17-201610/20/2016 2:56 PM
FSSAI Publishes Draft Regulation on Food Fortification_New Delhi_India_10-17-201610/20/2016 2:56 PM
Spanish Pork Production and Exports Continue Reaching Record Levels _Madrid_Spain_10-3-201610/20/2016 2:56 PM
The WASABI - Hot News from Japan Vol. 12 Issue 8_Tokyo_Japan_10-17-201610/20/2016 2:56 PM
Dairy and Products Annual_Taipei_Taiwan_10-17-201610/20/2016 2:56 PM
Grain and Feed Update_Tokyo_Japan_10-17-201610/20/2016 2:56 PM
Dairy and Products Annual_Jakarta_Indonesia_10-17-201610/20/2016 2:56 PM
Grain and Feed Update_Brasilia_Brazil_10-3-201610/19/2016 2:56 PM
Dairy and Products Annual_Santiago_Chile_10-14-201610/19/2016 2:56 PM
Dairy and Products Annual_Warsaw_EU-28_10-14-201610/19/2016 2:56 PM
Tree Nuts Annual_Sofia_Bulgaria_10-13-201610/19/2016 2:56 PM
Grain and Feed Update_Moscow_Russian Federation_10-14-201610/19/2016 2:56 PM
Grain and Feed Update_Astana_Kazakhstan - Republic of_10-14-201610/19/2016 2:56 PM
Grain and Feed Update_Dhaka_Bangladesh_10-14-201610/19/2016 2:56 PM
Sugar Semi-annual_Ankara_Turkey_10-13-201610/19/2016 2:56 PM