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Published GAIN Reports

These reports are in PDF format and you will need Adobe Reader in order to view or print these files. The download is free at
Russian Agricultural Policy and Situation Bi-Weekly Update 21_Moscow_Russian Federation_11-19-2014New11/21/2014 2:56 PM
Belgian Power Sector Resumed Firing of Biomass_The Hague_Belgium [without Luxembourg]_11-19-2014New11/21/2014 2:56 PM
First H5N8 outbreak in Europe_Berlin_Germany_11-19-2014New11/21/2014 2:56 PM
German Industry Leaders Impressed by U.S. Sustainability Efforts_Berlin_Germany_11-6-2014New11/21/2014 2:56 PM
Newcastle Disease Outbreak in Romania _Bucharest_Romania_11-21-2014New11/21/2014 2:56 PM
Retail Foods_Kuala Lumpur_Malaysia_11-19-2014New11/21/2014 2:56 PM
Exporter Guide_Miami ATO_Caribbean Basin_11-18-2014New11/21/2014 2:56 PM
Cotton and Products Update_Ankara_Turkey_11-18-2014New11/21/2014 2:56 PM
Fresh Deciduous Fruit Annual_Ankara_Turkey_11-13-201411/19/2014 2:56 PM
Coffee Semi-annual_Bogota_Colombia_11-13-201411/19/2014 2:56 PM
Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards - Narrative_Miami ATO_Trinidad and Tobago_11-13-201411/19/2014 2:56 PM
Coffee Semi-annual_Sao Paulo ATO_Brazil_11-14-201411/19/2014 2:56 PM
Mexico Declares Itself Free of Mediterranean Fruit Fly_Mexico_Mexico_11-14-201411/18/2014 2:56 PM
Coffee Semi-annual_Jakarta_Indonesia_11-12-201411/18/2014 2:56 PM
Draft National Standard for Organic Production Announced_Moscow ATO_Russian Federation_11-13-201411/17/2014 3:02 PM
Russian Far East Ag Policy and Situation Update_Vladivostok_Russian Federation_11-14-201411/17/2014 3:02 PM
Draft Law of Organic Production Announced_Moscow ATO_Russian Federation_11-14-201411/17/2014 3:02 PM
Fast Food Sector Keeps Expanding As Economy Cools_Moscow ATO_Russian Federation_11-13-201411/17/2014 3:02 PM
Malabo Declaration on Accelerated Agricultural Growth - Next Steps _Addis Ababa_Ethiopia_11-13-201411/17/2014 3:02 PM
Turkish Grain Board Offers 2 Million Tons of Wheat_Ankara_Turkey_11-12-201411/17/2014 2:56 PM
AUC’s Department of Rural Economy and Agriculture Strategic Plan_Addis Ababa_Ethiopia_11-14-201411/17/2014 2:56 PM
Coffee Semi-annual_New Delhi_India_11-12-201411/17/2014 2:56 PM