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GAIN Reports from the past 7 days

These reports are in PDF format and you will need Adobe Reader in order to view or print these files. The download is free at

| Tel Aviv Tidbits -Developments in Israel’s Agriculture and Food Sect | Agriculture in the News | Tel Aviv | Israel | 11/25/2014
The following developments in Israel's Agriculture and Food Sectors are summarized in this report: - ISRAFOOD To Be Held on November 25-27 in Tel Aviv - Russia Growing Destination for Israeli Fresh Potatoes - Minister of Agriculture Argues Against Tax Increase on Employing  Foreign Workers in Agriculture  
Tel Aviv Tidbits -Developments in Israel’s Agriculture and Food Sect_Tel Aviv_Israel_11-20-2014

| Updated Phytosanitary Import Requirement for U.S. Apples and Pears | FAIRS Subject Report, Fresh Fruit | Tel Aviv | Israel | 11/25/2014
Due to the recent increase in the rejection of U.S. apple and pear exports to Israel, the Israeli Plant and Protection Services has updated the phytosanitary import requirements for U.S. apples and pears.   Under the new requirement, the APHIS phytosanitary certificate must state that the shipments were found free of Phacidiopycnis spp., Monilinia fructigena and Neofabraea spp, which are quarantine concerns in Israel.
Updated Phytosanitary Import Requirement for U.S. Apples and Pears _Tel Aviv_Israel_11-20-2014

| Taiwan 2014 U.S. Rice Country Specific Quota Tender Update | Grain and Feed | Taipei | Taiwan | 11/25/2014
Taiwan recently completed two long-lingering 2013 normal tenders, thus fulfilling 2013 U.S. Country Specific Quota (CSQ) obligations.   As of reporting date, Taiwan has completed 30,150 MT of the 2014 U.S. CSQ.  A tender for 9,000 MT of U.S.-origin medium/short grain brown rice is scheduled for November 27. 
Taiwan 2014 U.S. Rice Country Specific Quota Tender Update_Taipei_Taiwan_11-25-2014

| Monsoon 2014 Wrap up Report | Agricultural Situation, Climate Change/Global Warming/Food Security, Grain and Feed | New Delhi | India | 11/25/2014
According to the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), precipitation during the 2014 southwest monsoon (June-September) was 12 percent below India’s long period average (LPA) of 886.9 mm.  As a result, 2014/15 kharif (fall harvested) season planted area dropped two percent to 101.9 million hectares, with food-grain production estimated at 120.27 million metric tons (MMT), a seven percent decrease from last year.  Prevailing weather conditions appear favorable for rabi (winter) crops.  
Monsoon 2014 Wrap up Report _New Delhi_India_11-24-2014

| Enjoy! American BBQ TV and Website Project Evaluation Report | CSSF Activity Report, CSSF Activity Evaluation | Tokyo ATO | Japan | 11/25/2014
The Agricultural Trade Office (ATO) in Tokyo created a special video using the theme “Enjoy! American BBQ”.  The 3 minute video aired on Foodies TV 50 times over a three month period.  The recipes and the videos were also featured on the related Foodies Recipe website under a page titled “American BBQ” and on the ATO’s consumer website There were almost 20,000  page views of the “American BBQ” page on the Foodies Recipe website alone.
Enjoy! American BBQ TV and Website Project Evaluation Report_Tokyo ATO_Japan_11-21-2014

| Government Subsidies for Transportation of Herring Will Contribute | Fishery Products | Moscow | Russian Federation | 11/25/2014
The Russian Ministry of Agriculture drafted a government resolution approving 500 million rubles ($11 million) of subsidies from the government reserve fund to pay for rail transportation to move 100,000 MT frozen herring from the Russian Far East to the Central District of Russia. The objective of the mechanism is to compensate for the gap in imports of herring from Northern Europe and stimulate local producers to sell in domestic markets rather than export.
Government Subsidies for Transportation of Herring Will Contribute _Moscow_Russian Federation_11-24-2014

| Mumbai Food and Beverage Hospitality Snapshot | Food Service - Hotel Restaurant Institutional, Market Development Reports, Market Promotion/Competition, Beverages, Fresh Deciduous Fruit, Tree Nuts, Wine, Snack Foods, Promotion Opportunities | New Delhi | India | 11/25/2014
Mumbai hotels and their food and beverage (F&B) teams have a familiarity of working with diplomatic missions for presenting and increasing the popularity of imported food and beverage products and cultures.  Awareness of consistently available imported American products appears a constraint and some trade/hotel servicing and education could be necessary even though some F&B members possess broad and deep knowledge of U.S. cuisine. 
Mumbai Food and Beverage Hospitality Snapshot_New Delhi_India_11-20-2014

| Beans and Pulses Monthly Trade-September | Grain and Feed | Rangoon | Burma - Union of | 11/25/2014
Myanmar exported 66,282 metric tons (MT) of beans and pulses in September 2014, down 19 percent from August’s level reportedly because of lower import demand from India.  Domestic wholesale prices of Matpe and Toor Whole beans decreased, while the price of Munag beans remained unchanged in September.
Beans and Pulses Monthly Trade-September_Rangoon_Burma - Union of_11-13-2014

| Weekly Rice Price Update | Grain and Feed | Bangkok | Thailand | 11/25/2014
TH4109 – Domestic and export prices declined 1-5 percent as new-crop supplies are coming onto the market.  Meanwhile, the government delayed any decision to implement new on-farm pledging programs for MY2014/15 main-crop fragrant and glutinous rice paddy.  Also, exporters are actively executing shipments of the government-owned rice to the Philippines.
Rice Price - Weekly_Bangkok_Thailand_11-20-2014

| HRI Update 2014 | Food Service - Hotel Restaurant Institutional | Singapore | Singapore | 11/25/2014
Singapore’s Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional (HRI) sector is performing well, is very dynamic, and is highly competitive, with a diverse array of hotels and restaurants.  Driven by strong demand from business travelers and economic growth in general, the HRI industry is expected to continue to grow, offering opportunities for U.S. exporters.  Leading prospects include prime beef cuts, dairy products, specialty fruits, frozen potato products, sauces, wine, and fruit juices. 
Food Service - Hotel Restaurant Institutional_Singapore_Singapore_11-19-2014

| Tet Holiday Sales Alert - Including Delivery Dates in Contracts | Market Promotion/Competition, Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards - Narrative | Hanoi | Vietnam | 11/24/2014
With the Vietnamese Lunar New Year or “Tet Holiday” fast approaching, the Office of Agricultural Affairs would like to encourage U.S. exporters to include firm delivery dates in their contracts with Vietnamese importers so as to better facilitate the trade in food and agricultural products ahead of the Tet Holiday.
Tet Holiday Sales Alert - Including Delivery Dates in Contracts_Hanoi_Vietnam_11-24-2014

| Exports to Turkey Disrupted by New Biotech Enzyme Requirement | Biotechnology - GE Plants and Animals, Agricultural Situation | Ankara | Turkey | 11/24/2014
Post learned Friday, November 22, 2014, that Turkish officials now require an official attestation  that imports utilizing enzymes or microorganisms are free from genetically engineered enzymes or microorganisms. The attestation must be provided by the government of the producer or exporters government.
Exports to Turkey Disrupted by New Biotech Enzyme Requirement_Ankara_Turkey_11-24-2014

| Romania reaffirms its grains export availability | Grain and Feed | Bucharest | Romania | 11/24/2014
Romanian farmers have witnessed another good crop year. Harvested crops are estimated to grow for both winter and spring crops this season. This year’s low grain prices though may influence farmers’ buying decisions for the next year crop, strengthening the competition among input suppliers. Exports are poised to grow in MY 2014/15 by 21 percent in case of barley and 12 percent in case of corn compared to MY 2013/14.
Romania reaffirms its grains export availability_Bucharest_Romania_11-12-2014

| General Standard for Sports Nutritional Foods (Draft for Comments) | FAIRS Subject Report | Beijing | China - Peoples Republic of | 11/24/2014
On October 22, 2014, China notified the WTO of National Food Safety Standard for General Standard for Sports Nutritional Food as SPS/N/CHN/690, which applies to sports nutritional foods.  Comments could be sent to the China’s SPS Enquiry Point at before December 20, 2014. The proposed date of entry is to be determined.    This report provides an UNOFFICIAL translation of the standard. 
General Standard for Sports Nutritional Foods (Draft for Comments)_Beijing_China - Peoples Republic of_11-24-2014

| Romanian oilseed crops continue the upward trend | Oilseeds and Products, Grain and Feed | Bucharest | Romania | 11/24/2014
Sunflower and rapeseed crops have responded well to the favorable climatic conditions in 2014. Rapeseed exports are poised to grow in MY 2014/15 by 85 percent due to the large supply, and remain steady in case of sunflower seeds.
Romanian oilseed crops continue the upward trend_Bucharest_Romania_11-13-2014

| 2014 | Exporter Guide | Madrid | Spain | 11/24/2014
In Fiscal Year (FY) 2014, Spain imported $2.2 billion of agricultural, fish and forest products from the United States, up 19 percent compared to the previous year and the highest import figure on record.  Spain is expected to end 2014 with a modest growth with some positive sectors such as Foreign Direct Investment, exports and tourism.  The dynamic Spanish market offers opportunities for certain consumer-oriented food items, as well as long-term prospects for other products. .  This report pro...
Exporter Guide_Madrid_Spain_11-14-2014

| Apples, Fresh, Grapes, Table, Fresh, Pears, Fresh | Enter a Descriptive Report Name | Fresh Deciduous Fruit | Santiago | Chile | 11/24/2014
Forecasts for MY 2015 production and exports of Chilean table grapes, apples and pears are expected be greater than the previous MY, as a result of stable weather conditions and sufficient cold accumulation during the previous winter months.   Table grape and pear production in particular are expected to climb by 14.2% and 8.6% respectively. 
Fresh Deciduous Fruit Annual_Santiago_Chile_11-7-2014

| 2014 Exporter Guide | Exporter Guide | Rabat | Morocco | 11/24/2014
This Exporter Guide Report provides an update of all sections, including the political and economic situation, agricultural trade data and local business and government contacts.  Morocco general economic and political environment is stable.
Exporter Guide_Rabat_Morocco_11-19-2014

| Maximum Residue Limits for Pesticides in Food | Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards - Narrative | Beijing | China - Peoples Republic of | 11/24/2014
On March 20, 2014, the Chinese National Health and Family Planning Commission released the National Food Safety Standard - Maximum Residue Limits for Pesticides in Foods (GB 2763-2014).  The standard will replace the current MRL Standard (GB 2763-2012) and will be implemented on August 1, 2014.   This report provides an unofficial translation of the Standard.     
Maximum Residue Limits for Pesticides in Food_Beijing_China - Peoples Republic of_4-30-2014

| Russian Agricultural Policy and Situation Bi-Weekly Update 21 | Agricultural Situation, Agriculture in the News | Moscow | Russian Federation | 11/21/2014
Valentin Valenik Appointed Head of the Federal Forestry Service . . .  Russian Winter Grains Sown . . . Russia Plans to Import Fish from Iran and South African Republic . . .  Reallocation of 2014 Federal Agricultural Subsidies . . . VPSS Clarified its Temporary Phytosanitary Bans . . .  Russia Acceded to the International Fund for Agricultural Development . . .  Russia’s 2014 Grain Exports Surpass 2013 Exports  . . . VPSS Ban on Georgian Dry Fruit and Herb Imports Lifted . . . Russian Imports o...
Russian Agricultural Policy and Situation Bi-Weekly Update 21_Moscow_Russian Federation_11-19-2014

| First H5N8 outbreak in Europe | Poultry and Products | Berlin | Germany | 11/21/2014
Germany has reported an outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) of the subtype H5N8 in fattening turkeys in North East Germany (Mecklenburg Western Pomerania) on Nov, 5 2014. The veterinary authorities placed the infected holding immediately under restrictions.
First H5N8 outbreak in Europe_Berlin_Germany_11-19-2014

| German Industry Leaders Impressed by U.S. Sustainability Efforts | Retail Foods, Export Promotion Programs, Dairy and Products, Oilseeds and Products, Fishery Products | Berlin | Germany | 11/21/2014
FAS Berlin hosted a roundtable discussion on sustainability of agriculture, forestry, and fisheries with participants from both sides of the Atlantic at the U.S. Embassy Berlin on October 30, 2014.  Members of the U.S. Sustainability Alliance and representatives from German agriculture and food industry shared with one another what sustainability means in their respective fields.  German participants were impressed by what U.S. agriculture is already doing and demonstrated a strong interest to ...
German Industry Leaders Impressed by U.S. Sustainability Efforts_Berlin_Germany_11-6-2014

| Newcastle Disease Outbreak in Romania | Poultry and Products, Pest/Disease Occurrences | Bucharest | Romania | 11/21/2014
At the beginning of November 2014, a Newcastle Disease outbreak was confirmed on a Romanian poultry farm. Following laboratory confirmation, the Romanian Veterinary Authority applied disease control measures. The source of infection is currently unknown.
Newcastle Disease Outbreak in Romania _Bucharest_Romania_11-21-2014

| Annual 2014 | Retail Foods | Kuala Lumpur | Malaysia | 11/21/2014
Boosted by solid economic performance, and robust domestic demand, Malaysia’s retail sector is forecast to grow six percent annually.  U.S. Fresh fruit, fresh and frozen potatoes, dairy products, snack foods (including nuts), prepared grocery products, and pet food have great prospects.
Retail Foods_Kuala Lumpur_Malaysia_11-19-2014

| Caribbean Basin Exporter Guide | Exporter Guide | Miami ATO | Caribbean Basin | 11/21/2014
Over the past 11 years (2004-2013) U.S. exports to the Caribbean Island Basin of consumer-oriented products and fish products have averaged over 10 percent annual growth.  In 2014, such product exports are on target to exceed $1 billion, setting a new record in the process.  With little agricultural production of their own, Caribbean island nations rely heavily on imported food products, particularly from the United States.  This report aims to provide U.S. suppliers general information on oppor...
Exporter Guide_Miami ATO_Caribbean Basin_11-18-2014

| Cotton | November 2014 Cotton and Products Update | Cotton and Products | Ankara | Turkey | 11/21/2014
The marketing year MY 2014 Turkish cotton crop is now projected at 430,000 hectares and 700,000 metric tons (MT) (3.2 million bales).  While the production is higher, excessive rains during the picking season affected quality adversely in some parts of the GAP region where the majority of local cotton is grown.  Domestic cotton consumption increased to 1.38 million metric tons (MMT) (6.33 million bales) in MY 2013 due to an increase in demand from textile and garment exports.  Total cotton impo...
Cotton and Products Update_Ankara_Turkey_11-18-2014

| Apples, Fresh, Grapes, Table, Fresh, Pears, Fresh | 2014 Fresh Deciduous Fruit Annual | Fresh Deciduous Fruit | Ankara | Turkey | 11/19/2014
Turkey’s production of all deciduous fruits were reduced in marketing year (MY) 2014 from last year due to a spring frost in late March 2014.  Apple production is down 24 percent, pears 29 percent and grapes 20 percent compared to MY 2013.  Deciduous fruit exports are eventually estimated to decrease in MY 2014.  Turkey’s industry expects Russia’s ban on the import of products from Europe to increase Turkish exports of fresh deciduous fruits, which has already increased the prices of all fruits ...
Fresh Deciduous Fruit Annual_Ankara_Turkey_11-13-2014

| Coffee, Green | Production Recovery Continues as Prices Rebound | Coffee | Bogota | Colombia | 11/19/2014
Colombian coffee production in marketing year (MY) 2014/15 is expected to increase to 12.3 million bags (1 bag = 60 kilograms – unless otherwise noted), green bean equivalent (GBE).  Exports are forecast to increase to 11.3 million bags in MY2014/15.  In July2014, Starbucks opened their first store in Colombia with expectations that the popular coffee purveyor would stimulate domestic coffee consumption.  International coffee prices have rebounded since last year resulting in the Government of C...
Coffee Semi-annual_Bogota_Colombia_11-13-2014

| FAIRS Country Report | Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards - Narrative | Miami ATO | Trinidad and Tobago | 11/19/2014
"Section(s) Updated:  Section V, VIII, and Appendices I, II & III" While most U.S. products are fully acceptable in Trinidad and Tobago (TT), special attention needs to be given to licensing, certification, labeling and documentation for select products in order to avoid costly customs clearance delays.  U.S. suppliers should be aware that port of entry scrutiny can be intense on new-to-market players as well as new-to-market food products until a track record of compliance can be established.  ...
Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards - Narrative_Miami ATO_Trinidad and Tobago_11-13-2014

| Coffee, Green | Coffee Semi-Annual | Coffee | Sao Paulo ATO | Brazil | 11/19/2014
Brazilian coffee production for 2014/15 was revised upward to 51.2 million 60-kg bags, a 1.7 million bag increase compared to previous estimate due to better than expected yields in some growing areas, but still off 3.3 million bags from the previous year.  Similarly, coffee exports were revised up marginally to 33.53 million bags, but remain 600,000 below the previous year.  Carry-over stocks are projected at 6.98 million bags.
Coffee Semi-annual_Sao Paulo ATO_Brazil_11-14-2014

| Mexico Declares Itself Free of Mediterranean Fruit Fly | Sanitary/Phytosanitary/Food Safety | Mexico | Mexico | 11/18/2014
Report Highlights: The Mexican Secretariat of Agriculture (SAGARPA) published in the Diario Oficial (Federal Register), on October 30, 2014 an announcement declaring Mexico as free of the Mediterranean fruit fly.
Mexico Declares Itself Free of Mediterranean Fruit Fly_Mexico_Mexico_11-14-2014

| Coffee, Green | Coffee Semiannual Update | Coffee | Jakarta | Indonesia | 11/18/2014
Growing coffee consumption in Indonesia is transforming Indonesia’s coffee trade. Industry sources estimate that local consumption growth ( six to eight percent) is outpacing production growth (two or three percent). Given the reported growth of local coffee consumption, Post revises 2013/14 domestic use to 2.83 million bags (GBE) and 2014/15 domestic use to 2.9 million bags. 2014/15 Arabica production is revised down 100,000 bags to 1.45 million bags, following reports of drier weather in nort...
Coffee Semi-annual_Jakarta_Indonesia_11-12-2014