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GAIN Reports from the past 7 days

These reports are in PDF format and you will need Adobe Reader in order to view or print these files. The download is free at

| FAIRS Export Certificate Report | Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards - Certification | Zagreb | Croatia | 11/26/2015
This report provides information on the export certificates required by the Government of Croatia. This annual report was updated in November 2015.  
Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards - Certification_Zagreb_Croatia_11-10-2015

| Notwithstanding Ecuador's Trade Restrictive Measures, Opportunities Exist U.S. Food Product Exports | Exporter Guide | Quito | Ecuador | 11/26/2015
Despite slower growth forecast for 2016 and measures to restrict imports, Ecuador offers U.S. food and agricultural product exporters a number of trade possibilities. Younger, lower and middle-income consumers’ purchasing power and appetite for imports continues to strengthen.  Domestic production cannot meet consumer demand, necessitating continued imports of food and other essential goods imports.  U.S. exports of food and agricultural products to Ecuador in CY 2015 (through September) at $285...
Exporter Guide_Quito_Ecuador_11-13-2015

| Incoming Government Proposes Significant Ag. Policy Changes | Agricultural Situation, Trade Policy Monitoring, Agriculture in the News | Buenos Aires | Argentina | 11/26/2015
The incoming government under the leadership of President-elect Maurcio Macri has proposed a series of agricultural policy changes that could have a significant impact domestically and in international markets. The election took place on November 22nd and the new president will take office December 10th. The president-elect in his first press conference after the election on November 23rd stated that these policy changes will be implemented immediately.
Incoming Government Proposes Significant Ag. Policy Changes_Buenos Aires_Argentina_11-23-2015

| Summary of Post-Organized Biotechnology Seminar at the WTO | Biotechnology - GE Plants and Animals | Geneva WTO Mission | Switzerland | 11/26/2015
FAS Geneva organized a biotechnology seminar entitled “The Impact of Biotechnology on Developing World Agriculture, Nutrition, and the Environment” on September 22, 2015 at the WTO.  Experts in the field of agricultural biotechnology from India, Uganda, Philippines, and the United Kingdom gave informative presentations. The capacity audience, primarily country representatives to the WTO and UN, heard persuasive and passionate arguments in favor of agricultural biotechnology as a tool to fight po...
Summary of Post-Organized Biotechnology Seminar at the WTO_Geneva WTO Mission_Switzerland_11-20-2015

| Oilseed, Soybean, Meal, Soybean, Oil, Olive, Oil, Soybean | Oilseeds and Products Annual 2015 | Oilseeds and Products | Tunis | Tunisia | 11/26/2015
Due to an excellent rainfall distribution and good weather, especially during the flowering and olive filling periods, the Tunisian Ministry of Agriculture estimated olive oil production for MY 2014/15 at 320,000 MT, which is a record high.  Olive oil production in MY 2015/16 is forecast at 150,000 MT.  Soybean imports have grown during the last five years from 440,000 MT in 2012 to an estimated 511,000 MT in 2015.  Total soybean imports are projected to be around 570,000 MT in 2016 due to high...
Oilseeds and Products Annual_Tunis_Tunisia_11-23-2015

| Oilseeds and Products Update | Oilseeds and Products | Kiev | Ukraine | 11/26/2015
The beginning of marketing year 2015/16 features higher production volumes for sunflower seeds and soybeans, while rapeseed production is lower compared to the previous marketing year. Productivity of already planted winter rapeseed would strongly depend on the improvement of weather conditions.   A buildup of processing capacities for all major oilseeds and forecasted decrease for domestic feed consumption might translate into the growth in exports of processed oilseeds products from Ukraine.
Oilseeds and Products Update_Kiev_Ukraine_11-23-2015

| Grapes, Table, Fresh, Apples, Fresh, Pears, Fresh | Update on the South African Deciduous Fruit Supply and Demand | Fresh Deciduous Fruit | Pretoria | South Africa - Republic of | 11/26/2015
Post estimates that the 2015/16 MY production of apples will increase by two percent to 865,000 MT and that the pears production will increase by three percent to 410,000 MT in the 2015/16 MY based on normal growing conditions and the minimal impact of the dry weather conditions to irrigation water availability. Another exceptional season is expected for table grapes production, as the 2015/16 MY table grapes production is forecasted at 331,000 MT.
Fresh Deciduous Fruit Annual_Pretoria_South Africa - Republic of_10-28-2015

| Polish Dairy Industry Suffers from the Reduced World Market Demand. | Livestock and Products | Warsaw | Poland | 11/26/2015
Despite of the drop of farm-gate milk prices and reduced export demand for cheese and whole dried milk, deliveries of milk in Poland are expected to increase by 2 percent in 2015 and continue to grow into 2016.  Increased milk production is expected to be mainly processed into butter and non-fat dried milk, which remain in demand on the world market.  In response to the European Commission’s market intervention measures till November 15, 2015 Poland placed into the intervention and PSA stocks 2,...
Polish Dairy Industry Suffers from the Reduced World Market Demand._Warsaw_Poland_11-20-2015

| Hospitality Restaurant Institutional Food Service (HRI) in Bulgaria | Food Service - Hotel Restaurant Institutional | Sofia | Bulgaria | 11/26/2015
This report contains information about Bulgaria’s Hospitality, Restaurant, and Institutional (HRI) food service industry. It provides an overview of market opportunities and key channels of distribution for U.S. food and beverage products destined for the food service market in Bulgaria.
Hospitality Restaurant Institutional Food Service (HRI) in Bulgaria_Sofia_Bulgaria_11-20-2015

| New Minister of Agriculture appointed in Romania | Agricultural Situation | Bucharest | Romania | 11/26/2015
This week the Romanian Parliament voted for a new Government, following the recent resignation of the Prime-Minister after massive protests over the failure of the government to adequately respond to a nightclub fire.  Mr. Achim Irimescu, nominated to be Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge on EU legislation and EU structures earned through his position at the Romanian Permanent Mission to European Union in Brussels. Farmers are hopeful that ...
New Minister of Agriculture appointed in Romania _Bucharest_Romania_11-23-2015

| Thailand-Chile Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Comes into Force | Country/Regional FTA's | Bangkok | Thailand | 11/26/2015
TH5142 The Chile-Thailand Free Trade Agreement (FTA) entered into force on November 5th, 2015.  In 2014, Chile’s agricultural exports to Thailand totaled US$131 million.  As a major exporter of many agricultural products, this new agreement will make many Chilean agricultural products more competitive and create new challenge for U.S. exporters particularly for wine, tree fruit, grapes, nuts and seafood.  
Thailand-Chile Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Comes into Force_Bangkok_Thailand_11-23-2015

| Cotton | Uzbekistan Cotton and Products Update | Cotton and Products | Tashkent | Uzbekistan - Republic of | 11/26/2015
MY2015 Uzbek cotton production is estimated about 4.2 million bales.  No major pathogen or pest attack accord during the season and no water shortage was reported. The Government of Uzbekistan (GOU) is taking measures in every relative topic to increase cotton quality by improving seed quality and farming practices.  MY 2015 domestic consumption and exports are expected to be about 1.6 million bales and 2.7 million bales respectively.  The GOU is also promoting domestic consumption by assisting...
Cotton and Products Update_Tashkent_Uzbekistan - Republic of_11-20-2015

| 2015 Rice Production Update | Grain and Feed | Seoul | Korea - Republic of | 11/26/2015
On November 13, 2015, Statistics Korea (KOSTAT) released its revised 2015 rice production estimate of 4.33 million metric tons.  This represents a 2.0 percent increase above last year’s crop, supported by a record average yield despite a decline in rice acreage, resulting in a 36-percent stocks- to-use ratio in MY 2015/16, the highest in several years. 
2015 Rice Production Update_Seoul_Korea - Republic of_11-23-2015

| Morsels November 2015 | Agriculture in the News | Amman | Jordan | 11/25/2015
Rangeland Reserves Opened to Grazing F&V Exports to Russia Rainfall Channels 4.5 Million Cubic Meters of Water into Dams GoJ Struggles to Retain its Credibility in the International Grains Market
Morsels November 2015_Amman_Jordan_11-18-2015

| Annual 2015 | Food Service - Hotel Restaurant Institutional | Madrid | Spain | 11/25/2015
In 2015, Spain shows signs of real improvement in its economic situation.  The country is slowly finally coming out of the economic crisis and consumers are going back to bars and restaurants.  Therefore, the Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional (HRI) sector in Spain offers excellent opportunities for U.S. food-ingredient and food-product exporters.  Entry into the Spanish market generally requires that potential U.S. exporters negotiate specific arrangements with established importers.
Food Service - Hotel Restaurant Institutional_Madrid_Spain_11-16-2015

| Annual 2015 | Retail Foods | Madrid | Spain | 11/25/2015
In Calendar Year (CY) 2014, Spain imported $2.2 billion of agricultural, fish and forest products from the United States, up almost 11 percent compared to the previous year and highest import figure on record.  In 2015, Spain shows signs of real improvement in its economic situation.  The country is slowly finally coming out of the economic crisis that affected its financial system and consumer income and behavior. Spain is expected to continue to show positive signs of recovery during 2015 and ...
Retail Foods_Madrid_Spain_11-20-2015

| Conclusion of the 2015 U.S. Rice CSQ tender | Grain and Feed | Taipei | Taiwan | 11/25/2015
The 2015 U.S. Rice CSQ tender concluded on November 17 after the tender GF4-104-128 for 10,884 MT of U.S. long grain brown rice was successfully awarded. 
Conclusion of the 2015 U.S. Rice CSQ tender_Taipei_Taiwan_11-20-2015

| GE Corn Adoption Progress | Biotechnology and Other New Production Technologies | Bogota | Colombia | 11/25/2015
The production of biotech-derived commodities continues to expand. Area planted of genetically engineered (GE) corn has surpassed GE cotton. The Government of Colombia (GOC) Ministry of Health and Social Protection (MHSP) continues with internal deliberations of a biotechnology regulatory framework called the “Technical Annex”. The Annex primarily establishes labeling requirements for foods with GE ingredients and the identification of raw materials through a low level presence (LLP) threshold. ...
Agricultural Biotechnology Annual_Bogota_Colombia_10-26-2015

| FAIRS Country Report 2015 | Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards - Narrative | Quito | Ecuador | 11/24/2015
This report outlines Ecuador’s requirements for food and agricultural product imports.  Hyperlinks to ministries, agencies, and legal documents have been provided throughout this updated report. ______________________________________________________________________________ This report was prepared by the USDA/Foreign Agricultural Service in Quito, Ecuador for U.S. exporters of domestic food and agricultural products.  While every possible care has been taken in the preparation of this report, in...
Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards - Narrative_Quito_Ecuador_11-16-2015

| FAS Sofia Assists to Promote U.S. Whiskey | Export Accomplishments - Events | Sofia | Bulgaria | 11/24/2015
FAS Sofia organized the participation of the Embassy’s Deputy Chief of Mission in the opening of the Whiskey Fest in Sofia to promote U.S. whiskey, culture, and responsible drinking policy. Participation involved an opening remark, tour within the venue and media interviews.
FAS Sofia Assists to Promote U.S. Whiskey _Sofia_Bulgaria_11-18-2015

| Turkey Implements new EU Equine Passport Regulation on Equidae ID | Livestock and Products, Sanitary/Phytosanitary/Food Safety | Ankara | Turkey | 11/23/2015
Within the scope of Turkey`s harmonization period to be an EU Member, Turkey has started to harmonize many EU legislation into Turkish legislation.  Turkey published a draft communique to harmonize with the EU Commission Decision 2005/267/EU on methods for the identification of equidae (Equine Passport Regulation). It covers individual identification, the methods of identification, the material to be used for identification, technical specification of numeration system, registration of the anima...
Turkey Implements new EU Equine Passport Regulation on Equidae ID_Ankara_Turkey_11-18-2015

| Dairy, Milk, Fluid, Dairy, Dry Whole Milk Powder, Dairy, Milk, Nonfat Dry | 2015 | Dairy and Products | Beijing | China - Peoples Republic of | 11/23/2015
China is the world's fourth largest dairy producer, and a major importer, primarily of powdered milk.  Falling international prices and high production costs led to plummeting production in 2015, with only partial recovery expected in 2016.  Despite serious structural, infrastructure, and competitiveness challenges facing China's dairy industry, milk production is expected to benefit from improved genetics and gradually increasing average farm size. Imports of UHT milk, dominated by Europe, are ...
Dairy and Products Annual_Beijing_China - Peoples Republic of_11-18-2015

| FAIRS Country Report | Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards - Narrative | Zagreb | Croatia | 11/23/2015
This report provides information on the food and agricultural product import requirements for Croatia.  Croatia, as a member of the European Union, follows the EU directives and regulations. Thus, it is recommended that this report be read in conjunction with the Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards report for the European Union. Important points of contact for US food exporters are listed in the Appendices. All sections of this annual report were updated in November 2015.
Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards - Narrative_Zagreb_Croatia_11-9-2015

| EC Finds BiH Makes Limited Progress in Agriculture in 2015 | Agricultural Situation | Sarajevo | Bosnia and Herzegovina | 11/23/2015
On November 10, the European Commission (EC) released its Progress Report on BiH’s pre-accession efforts, noting that preparations in the areas of agriculture and fisheries are at an early stage.  The EC concluded that BiH has yet to develop its agriculture and rural development policy and establish the necessary institutional structures that would allow the use of the Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance for Rural Development (IPARD).  Furthermore, BiH lacks a national agricultural informati...
EC Finds BiH Makes Limited Progress in Agriculture in 2015_Sarajevo_Bosnia and Herzegovina_11-17-2015

| Select | November 2015 | Coffee | Hanoi | Vietnam | 11/23/2015
Vietnam’s coffee production forecast for marketing year (MY) 2015/16 is revised upwards from 28.6 million bags to 29.3 million bags, due to adequate water supply both through good water management practices by farmers and rainfall during some critical stages during the coffee growing season.     Post also revises the MY2014/15 coffee production down from 28.17 million bags to 27.4 million bags, due to low production attributed to drought conditions in mainly Robusta planted areas.  Some coffee a...
Coffee Semi-annual_Hanoi_Vietnam_11-18-2015