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GAIN Reports from the past 7 days

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| Injunction Lifted for Planting GE Corn in Mexico but Still on Hold | Biotechnology - GE Plants and Animals, Agricultural Situation | Mexico | Mexico | 8/28/2015
On August 19, 2015 a Mexican federal judge from the XII District Court overturned a 2013 ruling that had prevented biotechnology companies, universities, or public research institutes from planting genetically engineered (GE) corn in Mexico. Later that same day after the judge’s announcement lifting the injunction, groups supporting the original injunction appealed the judge’s decision. As a result, a Federal Magistrate will need to pronounce if he agrees to uphold the groups appeal or throw it ...
Injunction Lifted for Planting GE Corn in Mexico but Still on Hold _Mexico_Mexico_8-26-2015

| Eurasian Economic Commission Announces 2016 TRQs | Trade Policy Monitoring, Livestock and Products, Poultry and Products, Dairy and Products | Moscow | Russian Federation | 8/28/2015
On August 20, 2015, the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) published Decision No. 99 of August 18, 2015, establishing tariff-rate quotas (TRQs) and respective volumes for imports of meat, poultry and whey into the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) [1] .  Unchanged from 2015, Russia’s TRQ volumes appear consistent with its WTO commitments.  Belarus TRQ volumes also remained unchanged, while Kazakhstan will increase access for beef and poultry while slashing its TRQ for pork in 2016.  The EEC decisio...
Eurasian Economic Commission Announces 2016 TRQs_Moscow_Russian Federation_8-26-2015

| Jordan August 2015 Morsels | Agriculture in the News | Amman | Jordan | 8/28/2015
This report covers key developments in Jordan’s agricultural sector for August 2015.
Jordan August 2015 Morsels_Amman_Jordan_8-25-2015

| August 2015 | Grain and Feed | Bangkok | Thailand | 8/28/2015
TH5102 – Recent tight domestic corn supplies have resulted in higher import demand for feed wheat.  As a result, imports of wheat are revised up to 3.5 million metric tons in MY2014/15 and 2.7 million metric tons in MY2015/16.  Of the total, feed wheat totaled 1.9 million metric tons in MY2014/15 and is expected to be around 1.5 million metric tons in MY2015/16.
Grain and Feed Update_Bangkok_Thailand_8-21-2015

| Weekly Rice Price Update - August 24 | Grain and Feed | Bangkok | Thailand | 8/28/2015
TH5103 – Export prices declined slightly due to continued weakening of Thai baht currency and pressure from the competition of Vietnamese rice.   
Weekly Rice Price Update - August 24_Bangkok_Thailand_8-24-2015

| Annual | Biotechnology and Other New Production Technologies | Accra | Ghana | 8/28/2015
Despite a protracted legal suit against the release into the environment and commercialization of GE products on the Ghanaian market, positive strides have been notched. A thirteen-member board of directors of the National Biosafety Authority was inaugurated in February 2015, and a substantive Chief Executive Officer has now been appointed. Also, Cabinet approved the Regulations on Biosafety Law in April 2015. From the perspective of an expert, there is the possibility of getting either Bt Cowpe...
Agricultural Biotechnology Annual_Accra_Ghana_7-28-2015

| Philippine Agricultural Biotechnology Situation and Outlook | Biotechnology and Other New Production Technologies | Manila | Philippines | 8/27/2015
The Philippines is a regional biotechnology leader and a model for science-based GE regulatory policy.  GE corn has been on sale in the country since 2003, and comprised a fourth of total corn area in 2014.  The country was poised to be the first Southeast Asian country to commercialize locally developed GE crops had it not been for a 2012 court decision postponing approval of the already completed Bt eggplant field trials.  The case has been elevated to the Philippine Supreme Court which has ye...
Agricultural Biotechnology Annual_Manila_Philippines_7-10-2015

| Floods in Myanmar Impact Rice Production Export Ban Now in Place | Agricultural Situation | Rangoon | Burma - Union of | 8/26/2015
BM 5008-Flood inundated more than 400,000 hectares (more than1 million acres) of farmland including 393,031 hectares (970,787 acres) of monsoon paddy fields and about 72,064 hectare (178,000 acres) of other crops such as corn, sesame and pulses and other seasonal crops.
Floods in Myanmar Impact Rice Production Export Ban Now in Place_Rangoon_Burma - Union of_8-24-2015

| Shrimp Ahoy - Ecuador Shrimp Sector Update | Agriculture in the Economy, Agriculture in the News, Grain and Feed, Oilseeds and Products, Fishery Products | Quito | Ecuador | 8/26/2015
FAS Quito estimates that Ecuador’s calendar year (CY) 2015 shrimp production to reach 350,000 metric tons (MT), up 10,000 MT or an increase of three percent compared to 2014.  Strong U.S. import demand for shrimp over the past five years, combined with a drop in Asian shrimp production due to the outbreak of early mortality syndrome (EMS), has facilitated Ecuador to grow its exports.  Ecuador’s CY 2014 shrimp exports reached 299,000 MT (approximately $2.6 billion).  Shrimp exports to the United ...
Shrimp Ahoy - Ecuador Shrimp Sector Update_Quito_Ecuador_8-21-2015

| GOR Expects Record 2015 Salmon Harvest in the Far East | Fishery Products | Moscow | Russian Federation | 8/26/2015
On August 12, 2015, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Head of the Federal Fisheries Agency (FFA), Ilya Shestakov gave a press conference on “Progress of the Salmon Harvest in the Far East: Challenges and Solutions.”  Despite an expected record salmon harvest of 450,000 MT in the Far East, the price for fish and seafood continues to climb and consumption is forecast to decrease by ten percent.  
GOR Expects Record 2015 Salmon Harvest in the Far East_Moscow_Russian Federation_8-24-2015

| Ecuador's Tuna Fish Industry Update | Agriculture in the Economy, Agriculture in the News, Fishery Products | Quito | Ecuador | 8/26/2015
Ecuador’s tuna fishery in 2015 is staring down low prices as a result of oversupply driven by overfishing at a time of weakening demand for tuna and tuna products both in the United States and Europe.  With $1.4 billion in calendar year (CY) 2014 (January-November) exports, according to the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission (IATTC), Ecuador only trails Thailand and Spain as the world’s third largest producer of tuna.  Exports to the United States of unprocessed fresh/frozen tuna alone reac...
Ecuador's Tuna Fish Industry Update_Quito_Ecuador_8-17-2015

| Ethanol Shortfall Highlights Misguided Trade Protection | Biofuels | Bogota | Colombia | 8/26/2015
U.S. ethanol had benefitted from preferential tariffs and trade access under the U.S.-Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement (CTPA). A trade surge averaging 3.75 million liters per month from October 2013 to March 2014, however, motivated the Government of Colombia (GOC) to close the market to imports in April 2014 at the urging of the Colombia Sugar Industry Association (ASOCAÑA). The trade barrier remains and was promulgated in spite of Colombia’s commitments under the CTPA and even the World Trad...
Biofuels Annual_Bogota_Colombia_7-24-2015

| Biofuels Sector Update | Biofuels, Grain and Feed, Oilseeds and Products | Sofia | Bulgaria | 8/26/2015
The Bulgarian Renewable Energy Act (REA) established a national target of 16% of renewable energy in total energy consumption and 10% in transportation fuel consumption by 2020, and 6% share in the total reduction of GHG emissions based on sustainability criteria. Biofuel mandates lagged behind the goals and accounted for 5.7% in 2014. In July 2015, Bulgarian legislators postponed bioethanol mandates for 3 years and the current mandate of 7% will not be changed until 2018.  Biodiesel producers p...
Biofuels Sector Update_Sofia_Bulgaria_8-13-2015

| Exporter Guide 2015 | Exporter Guide | Canberra | Australia | 8/25/2015
Australia is a prosperous, politically and economically stable, industrialized nation. Australia is the world's 13th largest economy, with nominal GDP of US$1.5 trillion and one of the highest levels of per capita GDP in the world. The economy has grown for 24 consecutive years and it grew by 2.7% from 2010 to 2014 and is expected to grow at 3% from 2015 to 2019.  Australia has low inflation is ranked highly for ease of doing business and transparency and has attracted significant capital inflow...
Exporter Guide_Canberra_Australia_8-21-2015

| 2015 | Biofuels | Ottawa | Canada | 8/25/2015
Lower rates of discretionary blending is expected to result in lower ethanol production and lower imports of US ethanol for 2015 and 2016.  Economic slow down due to low oil prices is expected to reduce demand for biodiesel and renewable diesel.  Low oil prices are squeezing profit margins of Canadian ethanol producers, especially those that do not have robust co-product lines. 
Biofuels Annual_Ottawa_Canada_8-19-2015

| South Africa remains closed to U.S poultry pork and beef imports | Poultry and Products, Livestock and Products, Sanitary/Phytosanitary/Food Safety | Pretoria | South Africa - Republic of | 8/24/2015
Since last reported in GAIN [South Africa's market remains closed (7/13/2015)], South Africa has not finalized issues related to its concerns over the trade measures that stop exports of U.S. poultry, beef, and pork.  Since the June 4-5, 2015, Paris meetings that resulted in the draft agreement between the US-SA poultry industries on a quota, USDA and DAFF have met three times and not yet resolved the sanitary issues. 
South Africa remains closed to U.S poultry pork and beef imports _Pretoria_South Africa - Republic of_8-21-2015

| Fishery and Forestry Tariffs Lowered | FAIRS Subject Report, Fishery Products, Wood Products | Moscow | Russian Federation | 8/24/2015
On August 4, 2015, the Government of Russia (GOR) approved Resolution #786, “On amendments to export customs tariff rates for commodities, exported from the Russian Federation outside of the boundaries of states - members of the Customs Union Agreement.” The Resolution decreases export duties on certain types of agricultural and non-agricultural products, including fish, seafood, and wood products. The document comes into force starting September 1, 2015.  Lower export taxes are expected to incr...
Fishery and Forestry Tariffs Lowered_Moscow_Russian Federation_8-20-2015

| Russian Agricultural Policy and Situation Bi-Weekly Update | Agriculture in the News | Moscow | Russian Federation | 8/24/2015
GOR Amends Some Rules of State Support of Agriculture . . . Russian Government Improves Rules to Support Forestry Enterprises in the Far East . . . Russian Government Initiates 2015 Grain Purchases for the State Intervention Fund . . . Russian Minister of Agriculture Reports on the Grain Harvest Results . . . Russian Federal Fisheries Agency Reports on Increasing Fish and Seafood Catch . . . Import Substitution Commission Established . . . Russia to Decrease Export Duties on Fish, Seafood, and O...
Russian Agricultural Policy and Situation Bi-Weekly Update_Moscow_Russian Federation_8-20-2015

| Kyrgyzstan Joins Eurasian Economic Union | Trade Policy Monitoring, Agricultural Situation, Agriculture in the Economy | Moscow | Kyrgyzstan - Republic of | 8/24/2015
On August 12, 2015, Kyrgyzstan officially became the fifth member of the Eurasian Economic Union [1] (EAEU).  As part of its EAEU accession package, Kyrgyzstan has committed to eventually adopt the unified tariff schedule of the EAEU.  This report contains an unofficial translation of the agriculture-related portion of Kyrgyzstan’s EAEU import tariff commitments.  Kyrgyzstan will be able to apply customs duties that are different (lower) from the EAEU tariff rates for a handful of agricultural i...
Kyrgyzstan Joins Eurasian Economic Union_Moscow_Kyrgyzstan - Republic of_8-19-2015