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GAIN Reports from the past 7 days

These reports are in PDF format and you will need Adobe Reader in order to view or print these files. The download is free at

| Meat, Beef and Veal | 2015 | Livestock and Products | Buenos Aires | Argentina | 3/5/2015
Argentine beef production for 2015 and 2014 is lowered from USDA’s official number to 2.7 million tons carcass weight equivalent as result of a drop in slaughter numbers due to market dynamics and somewhat smaller calf crops than earlier expected.  Domestic consumption in 2015 is expected to be negatively affected as post maintains exports at 200,000 tons.  While Argentina’s traditional markets tend to weaken their demand, China is expected to continue to increase its purchases.
Livestock and Products Semi-annual_Buenos Aires_Argentina_3-2-2015

| Poultry, Meat, Broiler | Further Growth for EU-28 Poultry Sector | Poultry and Products | Paris | EU-27 | 3/5/2015
EU-28 broiler meat production forecasts for 2015 have been kept stable from previous estimates, but still higher than in 2014. Consumers switching from other meats to broiler meat (cheaper and more convenient) in a recession-stricken EU-28 region will increase the EU-28 domestic consumption of broiler meat in 2015.  EU-28 broiler meat imports forecasts are still expected to grow marginally in 2015 with stagnant imports from both Brazil and Thailand. EU-28 broiler meat exports in 2015 are now ex...
Poultry and Products Semi-annual_Paris_EU-27_3-2-2015

| Animal Numbers, Cattle, Meat, Beef and Veal | 2015 | Livestock and Products | New Delhi | India | 3/5/2015
For CY 2014 and 2015, the total cattle population forecast levels are unchanged. CY 2014 and CY 2015 carabeef export estimates are unchanged, driven by rising export demand and price competitiveness (see Figure 3 and 4) in major markets.
Livestock and Products Semi-annual_New Delhi_India_3-2-2015

| Rice, Milled | January 2015 | Grain and Feed | Hanoi | Vietnam | 3/5/2015
The report provides trade data on Vietnam's monthly rice exports by grades and destinations, and weekly quotes for export rice by grades.  
Rice Trade - Monthly_Hanoi_Vietnam_3-2-2015

| Select | 2015 Poultry and Products Semi-Annual Report | Poultry and Products | Moscow | Russian Federation | 3/5/2015
Despite economic challenges, FAS/Moscow forecasts 3.4 MMT of broiler production in Russia in 2015 as a result of continued demand given its competitive price when compared to other meats, and Russian meat processors increasingly using poultry meat as a raw material.  FAS/Moscow has slightly decreased its import estimate for Russian broiler imports in 2015 (to 320,000 MT) given ongoing trade restrictions and the current economic situation.  Russian broiler exports are also increased given 2014 tr...
Poultry and Products Semi-annual_Moscow_Russian Federation_3-2-2015

| Draft Amendments on Standards and Labeling Regulations | FAIRS Subject Report, Sanitary/Phytosanitary/Food Safety, Exporter Guide | New Delhi | India | 3/4/2015
The Government of India’s (GOI) Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) published draft regulations which update (i) dairy products and analogues of infant nutrition; and (ii) artificial sweeteners.  The GOI is seeking public comments for these draft regulations and has established April 6, 2015, as the deadline for the public comment period.
Draft Amendments on Standards and Labeling Regulations_New Delhi_India_3-4-2015

| Raw Sugar Export Subsidy Extended Through Marketing Year 2014-15 | Sugar, Trade Policy Monitoring, Policy and Program Announcements | New Delhi | India | 3/4/2015
On February 19, 2015, the Government of India’s (GOI) Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) extended India’s export subsidy for raw sugar export through marketing year (MY) 2014/15 (Oct-Sep).  The CCEA approved 1.4 million metric tons (MMT) of raw sugar as eligible to receive $64.25 per metric ton under the subsidy.  The official notification of the subsidy was due on March 3, 2015.
Raw Sugar Export Subsidy Extended Through Marketing Year 2014-15_New Delhi_India_3-4-2015

| Customs Union Ag Times No. 1 of 2015 | Sanitary/Phytosanitary/Food Safety, FAIRS Subject Report, Trade Policy Monitoring | Moscow | Russian Federation | 3/4/2015
This report contains summaries of relevant decisions and documents from the Russia-Kazakhstan-Belarus Customs Union (CU) and Russia-Kazakhstan-Belarus-Armenia Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) meetings, published between October 28, 2014, and February 28, 2015 that impact EAEU food and agriculture policy.  Key documents included herein are draft Technical Regulation of the Customs Union “On Safety of Poultry Meat and Products of its Processing,” draft Agreement on the EAEU Customs Code, treaty on ...
Customs Union Ag Times No. 1 of 2015_Moscow_Russian Federation_3-3-2015

| The WASABI - Hot News from Japan Vol. 11 Issue 2 | Agricultural Situation | Tokyo | Japan | 3/4/2015
Iowa Meat Mission Learns Latest Status of Japan’s Beef and Pork Markets; The 20th Ushiwaka’s U.S. beef Renaissance in Kyoto; Citrus Visit to Ehime
The WASABI - Hot News from Japan Vol. 11 Issue 2_Tokyo_Japan_3-2-2015

| Agricultural Growth Act Now Law | Agriculture in the Economy, Biotechnology - GE Plants and Animals, Grain and Feed, Policy and Program Announcements | Ottawa | Canada | 3/4/2015
Canada’s Agricultural Growth Act, formerly referred to as Bill C-18, received royal ascent on February 25, 2015 and is now law.  Among other changes, the law brings Canada’s Plant Breeders’ Rights Act into alignment with provisions for plant breeders’ rights under UPOV 1991.
Agricultural Growth Act Now Law_Ottawa_Canada_3-3-2015

| Reforms to Grain Act Stalled | Agriculture in the News, Policy and Program Announcements, Grain and Feed | Ottawa | Canada | 3/4/2015
According to industry sources, Bill C-48, most commonly known as the Modernization of Canada’s Grain Industry Act, is stalled and unlike to be passed into law before the federal elections currently scheduled for October 19, 2015.  This means that the proposed amendments that would have resulted in leveling the playing field for U.S farmers delivering grain to Canadian elevators – by allowing for grading of U.S. grain - are unlikely to pass in the short to medium term. 
Reforms to Grain Act Stalled_Ottawa_Canada_3-3-2015

| Select | Ecuador Continues to Promote Self Sufficiency at all Costs | Grain and Feed | Quito | Ecuador | 3/4/2015
Ecuador’s wheat production in marketing year (MY) 2015/16 (July-June) is forecast to reach 5,000 metric tons (MT), down about 1,000 MT from the MY 2014/15 estimate.  Ecuador is an insignificant producer of wheat, dependent almost entirely on foreign imports.  Ecuador’s wheat imports in MY 2015/16 are forecast at 800,000 MT, up 50,000 MT or seven percent compared to the MY 2014/15 estimate of 750,000 MT.  Corn production in MY 2015/16 is forecast at 1.27 million metric tons (MMT), up from the MY ...
Grain and Feed Annual_Quito_Ecuador_3-1-2015

| Wheat, Corn, Rice, Milled | Annual | Grain and Feed | Lima | Peru | 3/4/2015
Corn exports to Peru sky rocketed in CY 2014, reaching 1.7 MMT.  This steep increase is explained by tariff preferences that resulted from the U.S.- Peru Trade Promotion Agreement (TPA).  Wheat imports in MY 2015/16 at 1.9 MMT.
Grain and Feed Annual_Lima_Peru_2-5-2015

| Detroit-Based Company Finds Success in Exporting | Export Accomplishments - Other | Ottawa | Canada | 3/4/2015
Family-owned business finds winning formula to exporting to Canada and other foreign markets. Through the support of FAS/USDA MAP Branded programs, and agricultural partner, the Food Export Association of the Midwest, the company now exports to Australia, Canada, France, South Korea and the U.K.   The company’s first fore way into the export market all started in 2011 to Canada.  Since that time, the company has sold close to half a million dollars into the Canadian market, a cumulative growth i...
Detroit-Based Company Finds Success in Exporting _Ottawa_Canada_2-26-2015

| Animal Numbers, Cattle, Animal Numbers, Swine, Meat, Beef and Veal, Meat, Swine | 2015 | Livestock and Products | Ottawa | Canada | 3/4/2015
The outlook for the livestock sector remains unchanged: the cattle herd will continue to shrink in 2015, due to liquidation and poor heifer retention, while the hog sector remains stable, on a trend of moderate growth. While slaughter of both cattle and hogs will decline, heavier carcasses will partly offset the decline in beef and pork production. Neither the recent BSE case in Alberta, nor the Russian food ban, are going to have major impacts on exports of beef and pork.
Livestock and Products Semi-annual_Ottawa_Canada_2-27-2015

| Wine | Wine Annual Report and Statistics 2015 | Wine | Rome | EU-27 | 3/4/2015
CY 2014 EU-28 wine production is still preliminarily estimated at 16.3 billion liters, 9.8 percent down from the relatively high 2013 campaign (18 billion liters) after a cold winter crippled vines, hailstorms ravaged vineyards, and rain in August delayed ripening, thus leading to considerable variance in grape quality.  Among the major EU wine producing countries, notable decreases occurred in Spain (-22.3 percent) and Italy (-15 percent), while increases were registered in France (+12 percent...
Wine Annual_Rome_EU-27_2-24-2015

| Heavy Rains and Truck Drivers Strikes Create Concerns | Oilseeds and Products | Brasilia | Brazil | 3/4/2015
Post kept its forecast for Brazil's 2014/15 soybean production at a record of 93 million metric tons (MT).  Post also kept its forecast for exports at 47 million MT, but a week-long truck drivers’ strike is generating new concerns.    
Oilseeds and Products Update_Brasilia_Brazil_2-27-2015

| Poultry, Meat, Broiler, Poultry, Meat, Turkey | Annual Poultry Report | Poultry and Products | Brasilia | Brazil | 3/4/2015
Post forecasts broiler production to increase by 2.5 percent in 2015 to 13 million metric tons. This increase in production reflects industry optimism mostly with higher exports, due to the depreciation of the Brazilian currency. However, domestic demand for broiler is likely to increase at a slow rate of growth due the sluggish situation of the Brazilian economy heading toward a potential recession this year. No changes in the outlook for turkey.
Poultry and Products Semi-annual_Brasilia_Brazil_2-20-2015

| Oilseed, Rapeseed, Oil, Rapeseed, Meal, Rapeseed | 2015 | Oilseeds and Products | New Delhi | India | 3/4/2015
Post revises down rapeseed and mustard production for marketing year (MY) 2014/15 (October-September) by 400,000 metric tons (MT) to 7.1 million metric tons (MMT).  This revision reflects a nine-percent decline in area planted which will reach 6.51 million hectares. Despite the expected decline in area planted, Post forecast yields will be five percent higher than the previous estimate, which will partially offset lower area planted.    
Oilseeds and Products Update_New Delhi_India_2-27-2015

| St. Lucia Lifts BSE-related Restrictions on U.S. Beef | Export Accomplishments - Market Access, Sanitary/Phytosanitary/Food Safety, Trade Policy Incident Report, Trade Policy Monitoring | Miami ATO | St. Lucia | 3/3/2015
On February 16, 2015, the St. Lucia Veterinary Service granted full market access to U.S. beef and beef products, ending 12 years of restrictions in place since the U.S. reported its first case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE).  These restrictions required USDA to implement an Export Verification (EV) program for St. Lucia which significantly limited the meat options and U.S. suppliers available to the market.  With such restrictions now removed, the U.S. is positioned to greatly expand...
St. Lucia Lifts BSE-related Restrictions on U.S. Beef_Miami ATO_St. Lucia_3-2-2015

| Kazakhstan Agricultural Update | Agriculture in the News | Astana | Kazakhstan - Republic of | 3/3/2015
Agricultural Funding Must Be Equally Accessible to Large and Small Companies . . . 'Made in Kazakhstan' Campaign Launched in Astana . . . Kazakh Foreign Minister Hopes Country Will Join WTO in 2015 . . . Kazakhstani Agricultural Production Up in January . . . National Chamber of Entrepreneurs Requests GOK Maintain Funding for Farmers . . . Kazakh President Instructs Government to Increase Agriculture Financing . . . KazAgro, World Bank Discuss Cooperation Issues . . . Kazakhstan's Grain Harvest...
Kazakhstan Agricultural Update_Astana_Kazakhstan - Republic of_3-3-2015

| Thai Government Increased Domestic Palm Oil Availability | Trade Policy Monitoring, Trade Policy Incident Report, Oilseeds and Products | Bangkok | Thailand | 3/3/2015
The Thai Cabinet increased domestic palm oil supplies for cooking by at least 110,000 metric tons in February 2015 thru imports and a reduction in biodiesel mandates.  These actions were reportedly taken to address concerns about cooking oil supplies prior to new crop palm oil being available in March.  Palm oil accounts for about 60 percent of all cooking oil in Thailand.
Thai Government Increased Domestic Palm Oil Availability_Bangkok_Thailand_2-26-2015

| Japanese Women in Agriculture - Overview | Agricultural Situation | Tokyo | Japan | 3/3/2015
Women play a very important role in the global agricultural workforce, and Japan is no exception.  In Japan, while women farmers have always outnumbered male farmers, their presence in leadership positions in the farm sector has been very limited.  Traditionally only considered as wives of farmers, the perception and role of women in agriculture in Japan has been gradually changing.     This is the first in a series of reports on women in agriculture in Japan.  In subsequent reports, Post will d...
Japanese Women in Agriculture - Overview_Tokyo_Japan_2-26-2015

| Wine | 2015 Wine Annual | Wine | Canberra | Australia | 3/3/2015
Australia is one of the world’s leading wine producers and exporters. Production for the 2015 wine vintage is forecast to rise to 1.6 million tons of grapes, which equates to 1.2 billion liters of wine. Yield is expected to increase due to improved seasonal conditions. In recent years, wine producers have suffered from declining profitability, industry fragmentation and overcapacity. The recent depreciation of the Australian dollar should provide a significant boost to exports into major markets...
Wine Annual_Canberra_Australia_2-27-2015

| Poultry, Meat, Broiler | China's Poultry Demand Remains Sluggish | Poultry and Products | Beijing | China - Peoples Republic of | 3/3/2015
China is the world’s second largest poultry producer, and a major destination for U.S. poultry.  It is by far the largest market for exports of U.S. chicken paws.  However, imports of all poultry and poultry products from the United States were banned in January 2015 as a result of high pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) detections.  USDA has requested that Chinese authorities restrict the ban to raw poultry from the areas where there have been detections. While Brazil and other exporters are exp...
Poultry and Products Semi-annual_Beijing_China - Peoples Republic of_2-26-2015

| Market of Organic Products | Special Certification - Organic/Kosher/Halal, Product Brief | Hong Kong | Hong Kong | 3/3/2015
Growing demand from sophisticated consumers and an absence of trade barriers has resulted in Hong Kong’s rise to the 7th largest market for selected U.S. organic exports, valued at $8 million in 2014.  Organic labeling is voluntary although well perceived by consumers of imported products. A government study suggests more public education on the organic sector will support its continued development in Hong Kong.
Market of Organic Products_Hong Kong_Hong Kong_2-26-2015

| Peru Import Market Opportunities for U.S. Pea and Lentil Exporters | Agriculture in the News, Product Brief | Lima | Peru | 3/2/2015
Peru’s calendar year (CY) 2015 pea and lentil imports are forecast at 73,000 metric tons (MT), up 16 percent compared to 2014.  U.S.-origin pea and lentil imports are estimated at 28,000 MT, up nine percent compared to 2013.  In terms of value, Peruvian imports of U.S.-origin peas and lentils have jumped from $10 million in CY 2008 to nearly $23 million in 2013, growing with a compound annual growth rate of 17 percent during 2008-13.
Peru Import Market Opportunities for U.S. Pea and Lentil Exporters _Lima_Peru_12-17-2014

| Russian Retailers Modify Strategies as Economy Slows | Agricultural Situation, Agriculture in the Economy, Agriculture in the News, Retail Foods | Moscow ATO | Russian Federation | 3/2/2015
Towards the end of 2014, the Russian economy entered a very difficult period as it was hit hard by record-low oil prices, dropping consumer purchasing power, a food import ban which pushed up inflation, and ruble devaluation. As a result, Russian retailers have begun implementing new business strategies which optimize expenses and improve staff productivity.  Although the government is still only considering new price control measures, local officials in the regions have held meetings with retai...
Russian Retailers Modify Strategies as Economy Slows_Moscow ATO_Russian Federation_3-2-2015

| Ecuador to Drop Safeguard for Peruvian and Colombian Imports | Trade Policy Monitoring | Lima | Peru | 3/2/2015
The Andean Community of Nation's (CAN) issued Resolution 1762 on February 8, 2015, establishing that Ecuador is not authorized to impose import safeguards for goods originated in Peru and Colombia.  The Resolution demands that Ecuador dismantles such safeguards and return collected taxes to exporting companies from these countries.  This Resolution will probably result in another, and perhaps final, crisis of the CAN.
Ecuador to Drop Safeguard for Peruvian and Colombian Imports_Lima_Peru_2-11-2015

| Russian Agricultural Policy and Situation Bi-Weekly Update 3 | Agriculture in the News | Moscow | Russian Federation | 3/2/2015
Draft Federal Law on Banning Cultivation and Breeding of Genetically Engineered Plants and Animals . . . Russia’s Agricultural Trade: Exports Up and Imports Down . . . GOR Strategy for Sustainable Development of Rural Territories . . . Russian Government Continues Authorization of Distribution of Federal Budget Funds for Agriculture in 2015 . . .Ministry of Agriculture Reports to the Government on the Accurate Distribution of Federal Funds 2015 Between Programs and Provinces . . . Agricultural A...
Russian Agricultural Policy and Situation Bi-Weekly Update 3_Moscow_Russian Federation_2-27-2015

| Japan Food Processing Sector Report 2014 | Food Processing Ingredients | Tokyo ATO | Japan | 3/2/2015
The Food Processing Sector in Japan remained stable in 2013, and the United States is still an important supplier. Demand increased for prepared and processed food as well as food that is perceived as healthy and safe. Key market dynamics driving product innovation include more women joining the workforce, an aging population, and increasingly health-conscious consumers.
Food Processing Ingredients_Tokyo ATO_Japan_2-27-2015

| Japan HRI Food Service Sector Report 2014 | Food Service - Hotel Restaurant Institutional | Tokyo ATO | Japan | 3/2/2015
This is an updated guide to Japan’s $303 billion hotel, restaurant and institutional (HRI) food service market.  The food service industry has recovered from the negative impacts of the prolonged deflationary economy and was showing favorable business conditions in 2013 and early 2014.  The wildcard was the response to the 2014 consumption tax increase.  U.S. suppliers are well positioned to compete in many product categories, provided they are willing to adjust to changing market demands.
Food Service - Hotel Restaurant Institutional_Tokyo ATO_Japan_2-26-2015

| Turkey Postpones Implementation of Product Verification Label | Trade Policy Monitoring, Retail Foods, FAIRS Subject Report | Ankara | Turkey | 3/2/2015
Turkey has delayed the implementation of a Product Verification Monitoring System (PVMS) for ten months.  The PVMS which requires a unique label for products in six food categories.  It was originally proposed to enter into force December 31, 2013, and was postponed twice, most recently scheduled to go into effect on March 01, 2015.  The current decision postpones implementation until December 31, 2015.
Turkey Postpones Implementation of Product Verification Label_Ankara_Turkey_3-2-2015

| Russian Agricultural Policy and Situation Bi-Weekly Update 2 | Agricultural Situation, Agriculture in the News | Moscow | Russian Federation | 2/27/2015
The Russian Government Approved Anti-Crisis Plan . . . Pink Salmon Exports Decline . . . Transport of Far Eastern Fish to Get More Expensive . . . Green Agro to Invest in Primorye Livestock . . . Vodka Production Down in 2014 . . . The Government of Russia Amended the Rules for Allocation and Distribution of Federal Interest Rate Subsidies for Agriculture . . . Unsuitable Farming Territories List Conditions Approved . . . New Russian List of Quarantine Pests Comes into Force February 3, 2015 . ....
Russian Agricultural Policy and Situation Bi-Weekly Update 2_Moscow_Russian Federation_2-25-2015

| Africa Contemplates Establishing Continental Food Safety Body | Agricultural Situation, National Plan, Sanitary/Phytosanitary/Food Safety | Addis Ababa | Ethiopia | 2/27/2015
Over the past several years, the African Union Commission (AUC) has explored the possibility of setting up a food safety body to help address many of the systemic food safety challenges across Africa.   This envisioned entity has been dubbed the African Union Food Safety Management Coordination Mechanism (AU-FSMCM).   While agreed to in principle, the standing up of the AU-FSMCM is expected to require further deliberations and agreement within the AUC and Member States about its proposed roles,...
Africa Contemplates Establishing Continental Food Safety Body_Addis Ababa_Ethiopia_2-26-2015

| Meat TRQs 2015 for Kazakhstan-1st stage | Livestock and Products | Astana | Kazakhstan - Republic of | 2/27/2015
On February 10, 2015 the Decree releasing the first stage of 2015 Kazakh quota was signed by the Minister of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan. On February 17, 2015 it was officially published. The Decree comes into force 10 calendar days after its official publication, i.e. February 28, 2015.
Meat TRQs 2015 for Kazakhstan-1st stage_Astana_Kazakhstan - Republic of_2-27-2015

| Draft Amendment on Naturally Occurring Toxic Substances | FAIRS Subject Report, Sanitary/Phytosanitary/Food Safety, Exporter Guide | New Delhi | India | 2/27/2015
The Government of India’s (GOI) Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) published updated draft regulations regarding naturally occurring toxic substances (NOTS) in some foods and beverages.  The GOI is also seeking public comments for these regulations.  The deadline for public comments is March 18, 2015.
Draft Amendment on Naturally Occurring Toxic Substances_New Delhi_India_2-24-2015

| Sugar Update | Sugar, Trade Policy Monitoring, Agriculture in the News | Islamabad | Pakistan | 2/27/2015
  On December 24, 2015, Pakistan’s cabinet-level Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) authorized Rs. 6.5 billion ($65 million) to facilitate the export of sugar from stocks that are currently with sugar mills. It appears that the new subsidy ( $100/MT)  has reenergized sugar exports.
Sugar Update_Islamabad_Pakistan_2-24-2015

| Wheat, Rice, Milled, Corn, Barley, Sorghum, Millet | 2015 | Grain and Feed | New Delhi | India | 2/27/2015
Marketing year (MY) 2015/16 wheat production is forecast at 94 million metric tons (MMT), marginally lower than last year’s record production due to less acreage.  Exports are forecast to decline to 2 MMT on uncompetitive prices and expectations of no government wheat exports.  Assuming a normal 2015 monsoon (June to September), MY 2015/16 (October/September) rice production is forecast at 104 MMT (44 million hectares), marginally higher than last year.  However, exports are forecast down to 8....
Grain and Feed Annual_New Delhi_India_2-24-2015

| Weekly Rice Price Update | Grain and Feed | Bangkok | Thailand | 2/27/2015
TH5021 – Export prices are steady due to light trading ahead of an expected government tender announcement in the week of March 2.  Sources indicate the upcoming tender is likely to include only white rice.
Rice Price - Weekly_Bangkok_Thailand_2-24-2015

| Fresh Fruit Market in North China | Fresh Fruit | Beijing ATO | China - Peoples Republic of | 2/26/2015
Over the past five years, North China’s imported fruit market has continued to boom as a result of an ever-growing number of direct shipments. Beijing has become the primary North China fresh fruit import distribution hub
Fresh Fruit Market in North China_Beijing ATO_China - Peoples Republic of_2-24-2015

| FAIRS Country Report | Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards - Narrative | Warsaw | Lithuania | 2/26/2015
Report Sections updated: All sections were updated.  The EU Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards (FAIRS) report for EU-28, prepared by the US Mission to the EU in Brussels should be reviewed in conjunction with this report.  Since accession into the European Union Lithuania has modified national laws and brought food and agricultural regulations and standards into full concordance with EU regulations and standards. Internet links identified in this report are intended to provid...
Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards - Narrative_Warsaw_Lithuania_2-20-2015

| Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards Certification | FAIRS Subject Report | Warsaw | Lithuania | 2/26/2015
Lithuania as a member of the European Union, applies EU regulatory requirements for import of products of animal or plant origin.  The EU has harmonized export certification requirements for most products.  The EU requires products be accompanied by a sanitary-phytosanitary certificate at port of arrival.  This report should be read in conjunction with the   EU-27 FAIRS Export Certificate Report - 2014, the latest update at time of this submission.
Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards Certification_Warsaw_Lithuania_2-20-2015

| Pakistan Opens Door for Imports of U.S. Cattle | Dairy and Products, Trade Policy Monitoring, Livestock and Products | Islamabad | Pakistan | 2/26/2015
The U.S. Department of Agriculture and Pakistan’s Ministry of National Food Security and Research have reached agreement over the terms of the health certificate that will accompany shipments of U.S. cattle to Pakistan.  The agreement paves the way for future exports of U.S. cattle to Pakistan.
Pakistan Opens Door for Imports of U.S. Cattle_Islamabad_Pakistan_2-24-2015

| FAIRS Export Certificate Report | Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards - Certification | Tegucigalpa | Honduras | 2/26/2015
The Secretariat of Agriculture and Livestock (SAG) has the National Plant and Animal Health Service (SENASA) as the main regulatory agency responsible for the inspection of all agricultural products that enter Honduras.  The Secretariat of Health (MOH)  has the General Directorate of Surveillance of the Health Normative Framework (DGVMN) as the responsible agency for the sanitary registration and inspection of processed food products at the retail and wholesale levels.  The Certificates requeste...
Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards - Certification_Tegucigalpa_Honduras_2-4-2015

| Tender for EU Breeding Bulls | Livestock and Products | Ankara | Turkey | 2/26/2015
A tender for 800 head of EU breeding bulls (400 head of Simmental, 200 head of Charolais, 200 head of Limousin) will be held on March 24, 2015.
Tender for EU Breeding Bulls_Ankara_Turkey_2-24-2015

| 2014 Tariff-Rate-Quota (TRQ) Fill Rates Show Positive Trade Trend | Trade Policy Monitoring | Bogota | Colombia | 2/26/2015
The Colombian National Office of Taxes and Customs (DIAN) released the 2014 TRQ fill rates.  According to official Colombian import data, fill rates for all TRQ commodities demonstrated a more dynamic trade trend from a year before: five commodities were fully subscribed compared to only one in 2014.
2014 Tariff-Rate-Quota (TRQ) Fill Rates Show Positive Trade Trend_Bogota_Colombia_2-23-2015

| Ukraine Imposed Additional 5-10 Percent Duties on Import | Trade Policy Incident Report, Agriculture in the News | Kiev | Ukraine | 2/26/2015
On February 25, 2015, upon publication of the Resolution ? 119-p, Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers imposed an additional 5-10 percent duties on imports with exceptional of few critical items.   All agricultural imports (HS 1-24) will face additional 10 percent duty. The Resolution was adopted on February 16, 2015 and awaited consultation with trading partners and publication to take effect.  Order ? 119-p will have a demoralizing impact to U.S. agricultural exports to Ukraine.  FAS/Kyiv is not awa...
Ukraine Imposed Additional 5-10 Percent Duties on Import_Kiev_Ukraine_2-25-2015

| Controls Applied to Imported Food Products | FAIRS Subject Report | Kiev | Ukraine | 2/26/2015
This report on sanitary, veterinary, phytosanitary, ecological controls and compulsory conformity certification matches the applied controls to specific commodity HS Codes.  This table shows potential US exporters what types of control are expected in Ukraine. For detailed explanations of these lists, please refer to FAIRS-Narrative report. This report replaces UP1031 Report submitted September 2010.
Controls Applied to Imported Food Products_Kiev_Ukraine_2-25-2015