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GAIN Reports from the past 7 days

These reports are in PDF format and you will need Adobe Reader in order to view or print these files. The download is free at

| US-SADC Exchange on Good Regulatory Practices in Southern Africa | Trade Policy Monitoring | Pretoria | South Africa - Republic of | 7/1/2015
USAID’s Southern Africa Trade Hub brought together government regulators and standards organizations from across Southern Africa and the United States for a discussion with the Southern African Development Community (SADC), namely the SADC Cooperation in Standardization (SADCSTAN) and the SADC Technical Regulation Liaison Committee (SADCTRLC), in Johannesburg from June 1-2, 2015. Titled the “U.S.-SADC Exchange on Good Regulatory Practices with SADCSTAN and SADCTRLC,” this workshop provided an o...
US-SADC Exchange on Good Regulatory Practices in Southern Africa_Pretoria_South Africa - Republic of_6-29-2015

| WTO Notified Draft Amendment on Food Recall Procedure | Sanitary/Phytosanitary/Food Safety, FAIRS Subject Report, Exporter Guide | New Delhi | India | 7/1/2015
On June 22, 2015, the World Trade Organization (WTO) published on its website draft regulations related to food recall procedures for all food products.  A comment period was also notified, with a deadline of August 21, 2015.
WTO Notified Draft Amendment on Food Recall Procedure_New Delhi_India_7-1-2015

| India Extends Ban on Milk and Dairy Product Imports from China | Sanitary/Phytosanitary/Food Safety, FAIRS Subject Report, Exporter Guide, Dairy and Products | New Delhi | India | 7/1/2015
The Government of India extended the ban on milk and dairy product imports from China for one year.  The ban has been in place since 2008.
India Extends Ban on Milk and Dairy Product Imports from China _New Delhi_India_7-1-2015

| More Amendments in Contaminants Toxins and Residues Regulations | Sanitary/Phytosanitary/Food Safety, FAIRS Subject Report, Exporter Guide, Fresh Fruit, Vegetables, Oilseeds and Products, Grain and Feed, Dairy and Products, Wine, Livestock and Products, Fishery Products, Beverages | New Delhi | India | 7/1/2015
The Government of India’s (GOI) Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) amended the Food Safety and Standards (Contaminants, Toxins and Residues) Regulations, 2011 to set metal contaminants limit for a wider category of food products.  The GOI is currently seeking public comments for these regulations.  The deadline for public comments is August 22, 2015. 
More Amendments in Contaminants Toxins and Residues Regulations_New Delhi_India_7-1-2015

| Australia China Free Trade Agreement - Release of Details | Agriculture in the Economy, Agriculture in the News, Country/Regional FTA's, Trade Policy Monitoring | Canberra | Australia | 7/1/2015
The Australia-China Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) has now been signed and the detailed text released. ChAFTA is China’s first free trade agreement with a major economy. It closes the gap between farmers in Australia and those in countries such as New Zealand and Chile which already have an FTA with China. The main agricultural sectors affected by ChAFTA are beef, dairy, wine, seafood, live animal exports and horticulture. The new text for ChAFTA provides further details of the regulatory framew...
Australia China Free Trade Agreement - Release of Details_Canberra_Australia_7-1-2015

| Warm Spring Drives Down Spanish Winter Grains Harvest | Grain and Feed, Oilseeds and Products | Madrid | Spain | 7/1/2015
Good yields were expected for most of Spain’s grain growing regions until early May when high temperatures and lack of precipitation significantly reduced harvest expectations.  Spain’s central plateau is the area most affected by the hot weather.  The winter crop cycle had almost ended when the unusually high temperatures withered the grains in the South.  Some Northern grain growing regions can still expect average yields thanks the milder prevailing temperatures and to rain during the first h...
Warm Spring Drives Down Spanish Winter Grains Harvest_Madrid_Spain_6-22-2015

| Turkey Oilseeds and Products Update | Oilseeds and Products | Ankara | Turkey | 7/1/2015
Turkish soybean area and production for MY 2015 are estimated at 25,000 hectares and 90,000 MT, respectively. Domestic soybean consumption is estimated at 1.9 MMT in MY 2014, down from early season estimates of 2 MMT, due to challenges facing the poultry sector including avian influenza outbreaks and import difficulties stemming from problems with the Biosafety Law.
Oilseeds and Products Update_Ankara_Turkey_6-26-2015

| Grain and Feed Annual Report | Grain and Feed | Pretoria | Zimbabwe | 7/1/2015
Post expects that Zimbabwe’s corn imports will be significantly higher in the 2015/16 MY and may reach 900,000 tons,  after a mid-summer drought reduced corn output by almost 50 percent, from 1.3 million tons in the 2014/15 MY to about 700,000 tons in the 2015/16 MY.  Wheat imports are expected to be around 280,000 tons in the 2015/16 MY, after a 28 percent decrease in wheat production to 18,000 tons as a result of a 20 percent drop in hectares planted. 
Grain and Feed Annual Report_Pretoria_Zimbabwe_6-26-2015

| Spanish egg producers looking to export to the United States | Poultry and Products | Madrid | Spain | 6/30/2015
In response to the avian influenza outbreak in the U.S. and the subsequent demand for eggs in the U.S. market, Spanish egg producers are looking to export eggs to the U.S.
Spanish egg producers looking to export to the United States_Madrid_Spain_6-30-2015

| Exporting U.S. food products to the Netherlands | Exporter Guide | The Hague | Netherlands | 6/30/2015
The exporter guide provides practical tips to U.S. exporters on how to conduct business in the Netherlands.  The report also identifies the three market sectors (food retail, food service and food processing) and describes the best market entry approach and best high-value product prospects.  The exporter guide finally focuses exclusively on Consumer-Oriented and Fishery products.
Exporter Guide_The Hague_Netherlands_6-26-2015

| Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Outbreak Update in Turkey | Poultry and Products, Pest/Disease Occurrences | Ankara | Turkey | 6/30/2015
Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) outbreaks have been confirmed in Ikizciler, Kastamonu Province; Edincik, Balikesir Province; and Moralilar, Manisa Province since late April 2015.  Local media reports suggest that there have been unconfirmed outbreaks in neighboring provinces. 
Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Outbreak Update in Turkey_Ankara_Turkey_6-29-2015

| California Recognized as Fruit Fly Free Area | Avocado, Citrus, FAIRS Subject Report, Fresh Fruit, Stone Fruit, Strawberries, Trade Policy Monitoring | Jakarta | Indonesia | 6/30/2015
Indonesia’s Agricultural Quarantine Agency issued Ministry of Agriculture Decree No. 756/2015, recognizing California as a fruit fly free area on June 22, 2015.
California Recognized as Fruit Fly Free Area_Jakarta_Indonesia_6-29-2015

| Position Paper on the Future of Livestock Feeding | Biotechnology - GE Plants and Animals, Biotechnology and Other New Production Technologies, Oilseeds and Products, Agriculture in the News, Livestock and Products | Berlin | Germany | 6/30/2015
The Federal Association of the German Retail Grocery Trade (BVLH) has adopted a position paper on the feeding of livestock. The paper says that "the vast majority of companies" would support genetically engineered (GE) free protein feed. BVLH represents all food retailers in Germany, 
Position Paper on the Future of Livestock Feeding _Berlin_Germany_6-5-2015

| The Dutch Food Retail Market | Retail Foods | The Hague | Netherlands | 6/30/2015
The turnover of the Dutch food retail industry in 2014 totaled € 33.3 billion.  For 2015, turnover is expected to increase by 2.5 percent.  The retail market is fairly consolidated with a market share of almost 60 percent for the top 3 food retailers.  Sustainable food (including organic products) is one of the most important growth markets in food retail.  The market share for private label products and also for convenient, healthy and innovative products continues to be strong.
Retail Foods_The Hague_Netherlands_6-30-2015

| International Veterinary Congress Held in Moscow | Agricultural Situation, Livestock and Products, Poultry and Products, Pest/Disease Occurrences | Moscow | Russian Federation | 6/30/2015
The Fifth International Veterinary Congress was held in Moscow on April 20-22, 2015.  The participants discussed many topics of interest such as growing consolidation of the Russian pork and poultry industries, low survival rates of imported breeding cattle, and the worsening epizootic situation in Russia especially for African Swine Fever, Brucellosis, and Foot and Mouth Disease
International Veterinary Congress Held in Moscow_Moscow_Russian Federation_6-29-2015

| Nile Nuggets for June 2015 | Agriculture in the News | Cairo | Egypt | 6/30/2015

Nile Nuggets for June 2015_Cairo_Egypt_6-28-2015

| Grain and Feed Update - June 2015 | Grain and Feed | Beijing | China - Peoples Republic of | 6/30/2015
Forecast MY2015/16 corn production is revised slightly higher, while forecast rice and wheat production are lowered slightly.  Production of all three grains is still forecast at record or near record levels, resulting in continued growth in government stocks.  Wheat feed and residual is adjusted lower for the past three years, as wheat has become less competitive as a feed ingredient.  Corn consumption is mixed; feed use is forecast lower but industrial consumption is raised as the government ...
Grain and Feed Update_Beijing_China - Peoples Republic of_6-26-2015

| Dutch Egg Processors Preparing for Export to the U.S. | Poultry and Products | The Hague | Netherlands | 6/29/2015
Due to the avian influenza outbreaks in the United States, reportedly a shortage of processed egg products exists.  On April 30, 2015, four Dutch egg processors reached eligibility to export to the United States.  Currently the Dutch processors are determining their potential to export and take advantage of the increased import demand.
Dutch Egg Processors Preparing for Export to the U.S._The Hague_Netherlands_6-29-2015

| Russian Food Ban Extended Until August 2016 | Agriculture in the News, Agricultural Situation, Trade Policy Monitoring | Moscow | Russian Federation | 6/29/2015
On June 24, 2015, President Putin signed decree No. 320 extending Russia’s ban on the import of agricultural products from the United States, Canada, the European Union, Australia, and Norway for a year as of August 6, 2015, and instructing the Government to ensure its implementation.  The Government then issued decree No. 625 of June 25, 2015, amending the list of agricultural products to exclude an additional type of fry trout, as well as young oysters and mussels (spat) from the ban, while ti...
Russian Food Ban Extended Until August 2016_Moscow_Russian Federation_6-25-2015

| Chile's New Nutritional Labeling Law | Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards - Certification, Trade Policy Monitoring | Santiago | Chile | 6/29/2015
The Ministry of Health published on June 26, 2015 the implementing regulation to Law 20606 that regulates the labeling of the nutritional compositions of food products, Decree 13, 2015.  The Decree aims at targeting food product that are intended for consumption by children under 14 years of age if they exceed specified limits of sodium, sugar, energy (calories) and saturated fats.
Chile's New Nutritional Labeling Law_Santiago_Chile_6-26-2015

| Russian Agricultural Policy and Situation Bi-Weekly Update 9 | Agriculture in the News | Moscow | Russian Federation | 6/29/2015
Creation of Caspian Sea Regulatory Body . . . Government of Russia Sets Rules for Coordination Among Scientific Organizations . . . The First All-Russia Food Security Forum . . . Government Increased Level of Subsidies to Agricultural Machinery Producers . . . Government Allocated Additional 2.5 billion Rubles for Plant Production . . . GOR Proposes Ban of Powdered Alcohol . . . Whiskey Under the Brand "Stoli" May Appear on Russian Shelves. . . Miratorg is Expanding . . . The State Duma Approved...
Russian Agricultural Policy and Situation Bi-Weekly Update 9_Moscow_Russian Federation_6-25-2015

| Agricultural budget 2015 | Agriculture in the Economy, Agricultural Situation | Moscow | Russian Federation | 6/29/2015
Federal Law No. 93 of April 20, 2015 “On Amendments to the Federal Law “On the Federal Budget 2015 and the planned period 2016 and 2017” decreased the total 2015 budget of the Russian Federation by 2 percent, to 12.14 trillion rubles. Meanwhile financing of agriculture (Ministry of Agriculture, Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance, and Fisheries Agency) went up by 5.6 percent, to 236.97 billion rubles.  Although, the share of these three agencies remained less than 2 pe...
Agricultural budget 2015_Moscow_Russian Federation_6-24-2015

| Weekly Rice Price Update | Grain and Feed | Bangkok | Thailand | 6/26/2015
TH5078 – Export prices increased 1 to 4 percent due to foreign buyers’ concerns over the drought situation in main-crop rice growing areas.
Rice Price - Weekly_Bangkok_Thailand_6-23-2015

| Exporting Agricultural Products to the Dominican Republic | Exporter Guide | Santo Domingo | Dominican Republic | 6/25/2015
The Dominican Republic is now the fifth largest market for U.S. consumer oriented products in the Western Hemisphere, after Canada, Mexico, Colombia and Chile, with exports reaching $485 million in 2014.  The U.S.-Dominican Republic-Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA-DR) has proved to be successful in strengthening the U.S. competitive position, and consumer oriented product sales have increased by 200% since the implementation of the agreement.  There are still many opportunities for g...
Exporter Guide_Santo Domingo_Dominican Republic_5-29-2015