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GAIN Reports from the past 7 days

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| Select | Import Embargo Provides Limited Benefits to Dairy | Dairy and Products | Moscow | Russian Federation | 10/24/2016
The milking herd will decrease 3 percent to 7.32 million head in 2017 due to low investment in cattle in the past two years.  Because large farms improve per cow yields, milk production is forecast at 30.195 MMT, only 0.5 percent less than in 2016.  Factory use grows to 19,450 MT while fluid milk consumption declines, reflecting contrasting trends in commercial and backyard sectors.  Higher dairy prices may ease the impact of uncertain state support.  Domestic competition and soft consumer deman...
Dairy and Products Annual_Moscow_Russian Federation_10-19-2016

| Azerbaijan Tariff Increases November 2 | Poultry and Products, Trade Policy Monitoring, Agriculture in the News | Ankara | Azerbaijan - Republic of | 10/24/2016
The Republic of Azerbaijan announced a Cabinet of Ministers decision on September 23, 2016 which will increase customs duties on a number of agricultural products. The new tariffs will come into effect on November 2, 2016 and remain in place for two years. U.S. exports, particularly poultry, will be adversely affected.
Azerbaijan Tariff Increases November 2_Ankara_Azerbaijan - Republic of_10-17-2016

| Dairy, Milk, Fluid, Dairy, Butter, Dairy, Milk, Nonfat Dry, Dairy, Cheese | 2016 Market Situation Summary and 2017 Outlook | Dairy and Products | Tokyo | Japan | 10/24/2016
Higher yields have improved Japanese milk production in 2016, but weather-related impacts could constrain potential growth in the fourth quarter and beyond.  Soaring Japanese beef cattle feeder prices are limiting replacement heifer production through greater use of wagyu genetics in dairy management plans.  2016 Japanese imports and consumption outpace record 2015 levels, with sharply expanding, price-competitive imports from European Union suppliers eroding U.S. market share.  Increased Japane...
Dairy and Products Annual_Tokyo_Japan_10-19-2016

| South China Wine and Beer Import Market Booming | Product Brief | Guangzhou | China - Peoples Republic of | 10/24/2016
In recent years, South China’s imports of wine and beer have skyrocketed, with imports of wine more than doubling between 2013 and 2015, and imports of beer tripling during this period.  Much of this strong growth in import demand has been as a result of Chinese consumers demanding a wider variety of wine and beer products and flavors.   South China is the largest wine importing region in China, and also accounts for nearly half of beer imports.  U.S. beer and wine exporters are encouraged to co...
South China Wine and Beer Import Market Booming_Guangzhou_China - Peoples Republic of_10-19-2016

| Annual Report | Exporter Guide | Kiev | Ukraine | 10/21/2016
Demand for food products served as an anchor for the Ukrainian economy in 2016.  On-going political and economic crisis resulted in general economic slowdown in 2013-15.  The population’s real disposable incomes were undermined by currency devaluation resulting in food consumption drop.  Some signs of economic stabilization and food product import increases are observed in 2016.  The trading environment remains complicated due to exchange rate fluctuations and food-safety control system reform a...
Exporter Guide_Kiev_Ukraine_10-18-2016

| Weekly Rice Price Update | Grain and Feed | Bangkok | Thailand | 10/21/2016
TH6069 – Export prices increased 2 to 4 percent due to new enquiries for parboiled rice amid tight supplies of white rice paddy for parboiled rice production.  The government reportedly sold 1.1 million tons in its recent public tender for 2.2 million metric tons.
Rice Price - Weekly_Bangkok_Thailand_6-28-2016

| Weekly Rice Price Update | Grain and Feed | Bangkok | Thailand | 10/21/2016
Export prices further declined 1-2 percent due to weak demand even though the first shipment under the government-to-government agreement with China is set to take place next week. 
Rice Price - Weekly_Bangkok_Thailand_10-18-2016

| Cotton and Products - Update | Cotton and Products | Madrid | Spain | 10/21/2016
Area planted to cotton in MY 2016/17 has declined slightly compared to 2015/16 levels as a consequence of rains in the planting season.  Above average temperatures throughout the crop cycle, low pest incidence and absence of rain during the harvest season have allowed for increased yields.
Cotton and Products - Update_Madrid_Spain_10-18-2016

| Tree Nuts Market Brief Update 2016 | Tree Nuts | Seoul ATO | Korea - Republic of | 10/20/2016
The KORUS FTA (Free Trade Agreement) went into effect March of 2012, and the agreement’s elimination of tariffs for almonds and pistachios, as well as tariff reductions for walnuts, has expanded opportunities for U.S. tree nut producers. Since the KORUS FTA, the United States has been the primary supplier of tree nuts to Korea. In total, 2015 U.S. tree nut exports exceeded 34,400 metric tons (MT), and generated over $367 million in value. 2015 U.S. exports of walnuts exceeded 11,400 MT, resultin...
Tree Nuts Market Brief Update 2016_Seoul ATO_Korea - Republic of_10-6-2016

| Dairy, Milk, Fluid, Dairy, Cheese, Dairy, Milk, Nonfat Dry, , Select | Dairy and Products Annual Update | Dairy and Products | Seoul ATO | Korea - Republic of | 10/20/2016
Since the FMD outbreak in 2010, local raw milk production has rebounded, but has outpaced slower growing demand.  As a result, higher ending stock levels in 2014 carried over into 2015.  Overall local raw milk products recorded 2 percent negative volume, but per capita volume consumption continued to increase in 2015. Drinking milk products recorded negative volume and value growth in 2015 as per capita volume consumption continued to decrease.  Consumers who continue to drink milk will shift to...
Dairy and Products Annual_Seoul ATO_Korea - Republic of_10-17-2016

| FSSAI Publishes Draft Regulation on Food Fortification | Sanitary/Phytosanitary/Food Safety, Exporter Guide, Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards - Narrative, Grain and Feed, Oilseeds and Products, Dairy and Products | New Delhi | India | 10/20/2016
The Government of India’s (GOI) Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) published new draft regulations relating to standards for fortified food products.  The GOI is currently seeking comments from the World Trade Organization (WTO) member countries.  The comment period for trading partners will be 60 days following WTO notification on its website (  
FSSAI Publishes Draft Regulation on Food Fortification_New Delhi_India_10-17-2016

| Spanish Pork Production and Exports Continue Reaching Record Levels | Livestock and Products | Madrid | Spain | 10/20/2016
Spanish swine farmers have weathered the last six months of low prices, and responded to market conditions with a larger pig herd and increased productivity following very promising results from Asia.  Increasing demand should create conditions to continue with this upward trend.
Spanish Pork Production and Exports Continue Reaching Record Levels _Madrid_Spain_10-3-2016

| The WASABI - Hot News from Japan Vol. 12 Issue 8 | Agricultural Situation | Tokyo | Japan | 10/20/2016
Taste of America 2016, Kuze Tradeshow, Seafood Show, American Fruits and Sweets Fair, American & Hawaiian Fair in Osaka, USMEF Heartland Team, Okinawan Cow-Calf Research, Nippon Ham Fighters, Biotech Regulator Tour, DuPont Japan Local Outreach, Web-based Training, California Prunes and Walnuts Baking Contest, New Arrivals
The WASABI - Hot News from Japan Vol. 12 Issue 8_Tokyo_Japan_10-17-2016

| Dairy, Milk, Fluid, Dairy, Dry Whole Milk Powder, Dairy, Milk, Nonfat Dry, Dairy, Butter, Dairy, Cheese | Dairy Demand Remains Strong Despite Slowing Economy | Dairy and Products | Taipei | Taiwan | 10/20/2016
Demand for milk and other dairy products in Taiwan are forecast to remain stable or rise slightly in 2017.  Fluid milk imports surged to 24,034 metric tons (MT) in the first nine months of 2016, up 40 percent from the same period last year.  Strong demand has caused the tariff quota for milk to fill earlier than it has in past years.  However, high tariffs for out-of-quota imports and Taiwan’s special safeguard mechanism (SSG) are expected to restrict total imports.
Dairy and Products Annual_Taipei_Taiwan_10-17-2016

| Barley, Corn, Rice, Milled, Rye, Sorghum, Wheat | Grain and Feed Update October 2016 | Grain and Feed | Tokyo | Japan | 10/20/2016
As a result of favorable weather conditions, 2016 rice production (including feed rice) is estimated to increase slightly despite reduced planting area.  However, rice utilization in compound feed is believed to have reached its ceiling in MY2015/16, and further expansion is expected to be limited due to the price competitiveness of other feed grains (namely corn). Following Japan’s record crop in 2015, wheat production is estimated to decrease significantly in 2016 due to unfavorable weather co...
Grain and Feed Update_Tokyo_Japan_10-17-2016

| Dairy, Dry Whole Milk Powder, Dairy, Milk, Nonfat Dry | Indonesia 2016 Dairy and Products Annual Report | Dairy and Products | Jakarta | Indonesia | 10/20/2016
Fully integrated dairy operations are leading growth in Indonesia’s dairy sector. Less efficient small scale dairies (cooperative producers) operate the majority of Indonesia’s dairy herd, but are struggling to keep pace with Indonesia’s growing demand for dairy. Food manufacturers, faced with limited supplies from Indonesian cooperatives, seek low-cost dairy ingredient substitutes. Despite the need for imports, nonfat dry milk and whole milk powder imports are stagnant due to food manufacturer...
Dairy and Products Annual_Jakarta_Indonesia_10-17-2016

| Tight Corn Supplies Expected to Last into 2017 | Grain and Feed | Brasilia | Brazil | 10/19/2016
2015/2016 wheat production is estimated at 5.6 million metric tons (mmt) and is in good condition due to favorable weather in the south of Brazil.  2015/2016 corn production is estimated at 67 mmt, a 21 percent drop from the previous record year.  The decrease is due to an early start to the dry season having a big impact on yields for the second “safrinha” crop.  Because of the tight supplies, high domestic prices are driving an increase in first crop corn, which is expected to be about 38 perc...
Grain and Feed Update_Brasilia_Brazil_10-3-2016

| Dairy, Dry Whole Milk Powder, Dairy, Milk, Nonfat Dry | United States Becomes Top Supplier of Dairy Products | Dairy and Products | Santiago | Chile | 10/19/2016
The United States has become the main supplier of dairy products to Chile. In January – July 2016 the U.S. exported $32,860,530 of dairy products and has increased its exports in 11.6% in volume over Janurary-July 2015.  After cheese, non-fat dry milk (NFDM) is the second main dairy product that the U.S. exports to Chile, valued at $9.7million in January- July 2016.  Whole dry milk imports are expected to reach 8,000 MT in MY 2016 to cover local consumption as domestic production decreases. Chi...
Dairy and Products Annual_Santiago_Chile_10-14-2016

| Dairy, Milk, Fluid, Dairy, Cheese, Dairy, Butter, Dairy, Milk, Nonfat Dry, Dairy, Dry Whole Milk Powder | Stabilization on the EU Dairy Market. | Dairy and Products | Warsaw | EU-28 | 10/19/2016
It is expected that in 2016 milk deliveries in the European Union will increase by 1.1 percent and stabilize in 2017.  In 2016 increased milk production is expected to be mainly processed into cheese and butter which remain in demand on the world market and non-fat dried milk (NFDM) used by the EU in the market intervention programs.  The European Commission (EC) continued intervention on the dairy market in 2016 through subsidizing public stocks of NFDM, and private storage of NFDM, butter and ...
Dairy and Products Annual_Warsaw_EU-28_10-14-2016

| Tree Nuts Annual | Tree Nuts | Sofia | Bulgaria | 10/19/2016
Bulgaria is a growing market for tree nuts, especially for almonds and walnuts.  The country is a net importer of almonds which is the leading premium nut on the market and enjoys stable and increasing demand.  The Unites States is the main supplier for the market through direct and indirect shipments.  Following a temporary decline in MY2014/15, Bulgarian almond imports rebounded in MY2015/16.   The latest trade data for January-April 2016 shows Bulgarian shelled almond imports growth of 39%  ...
Tree Nuts Annual_Sofia_Bulgaria_10-13-2016

| Wheat, Barley, Corn | November 2016 Update | Grain and Feed | Moscow | Russian Federation | 10/19/2016
FAS/Moscow’s forecast for Russia’s total grain production remains almost unchanged from its September forecast – 114.6 million metric tons (MMT) compared with 114.5 MMT.  The 2016/2017 crop will be the largest in Russian (post USSR) history.  The wheat crop forecast remains 72.0 MMT, the same as the official USDA forecast, and will be the largest wheat crop in Russian history.  Post increased its barley forecast by 0.3 MMT to 18.0 MMT, matching the official USDA forecast.  At the same time, Post...
Grain and Feed Update_Moscow_Russian Federation_10-14-2016

| Grain and Feed Update Kazakhstan | Grain and Feed | Astana | Kazakhstan - Republic of | 10/19/2016
Extensive rains in Kazakhstan during the wheat growing season resulted in a crop which is significantly larger than last year.  The Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan estimated that the 2016/2017 crop would be 30% higher this year.  However quality issues, due to low gluten content and losses due to the high moisture levels, have offset the production gains.  FAS/Astana estimates wheat production in Kazakhstan in MY 2016/2017 at 16.0 MMT and barley production at 2.7 MMT.   Post significantly...
Grain and Feed Update_Astana_Kazakhstan - Republic of_10-14-2016

| Rice, Milled, Wheat | October 2016 | Grain and Feed | Dhaka | Bangladesh | 10/19/2016
For marketing year (MY) 2016/17 (May to April), Post’s rice production estimate remains flat at  34.5 million tons due to flooding that affected Aus rice production in northern, northeastern and central parts of Bangladesh. Estimated production is lowered only marginally, however, since Aus rice constitutes just 6.78% of total rice production. For MY 2016/17, Post’s wheat import forecast is raised to 4.7 million MT because new bakery products are expected to drive higher consumption. Based on ...
Grain and Feed Update_Dhaka_Bangladesh_10-14-2016

| Select | Turkey Sugar Semi-annual | Sugar | Ankara | Turkey | 10/19/2016

Sugar Semi-annual_Ankara_Turkey_10-13-2016

| Select | Enter a Descriptive Report Name | Dairy and Products | Algiers | Algeria | 10/18/2016
The Government of Algeria (GOA) continues its efforts to increase development in the dairy sector to reduce reliance on imports. Direct state support continues to be available to farmers interested in this sector.
Dairy and Products Annual_Algiers_Algeria_10-13-2016

| Select | Report | Dairy and Products | Kiev | Ukraine | 10/18/2016
Fluid milk production is expected to decrease in 2016-17 due to lack of foreign markets for Ukrainian dairy products.  Exports of almost all processed dairy products to Russia stopped in 2014 and are not expected to recommence.  Ukraine will continue to export dried dairy products and butter to utilize excess milk supply. Industry’s efficiency will be improving due to increased investments in industrial milk production.  Domestic demand shifted toward the cheapest products and is expected to sta...
Dairy and Products Annual_Kiev_Ukraine_10-13-2016

| Typhoons Damage Hokkaido Production | Agricultural Situation | Tokyo | Japan | 10/18/2016
Heavy rains hit Hokkaido in August, damaging horticultural products, industrial facilities, roads, and railways.  As Hokkaido is a major production region for Japanese onions, pumpkins, carrots and potatoes, market prices for these domestic products have seen an immediate spike.  Accordingly, increased market opportunities may exist for foreign products for which there is a supply shortage.   Keywords: JA6041, Japan, Hokkaido, Typhoon, Sweet Corn, Potato, Carrot, Onion.
Typhoons Damage Hokkaido Production_Tokyo_Japan_10-13-2016

| 2016 | Biotechnology and Other New Production Technologies | The Hague | Netherlands | 10/17/2016
This report assesses the agricultural biotechnology sector in the Netherlands, and covers related production, trade and policies.  It includes topics related to genetic engineering and innovative plant and animal biotechnologies.  An EU-wide overview is provided by the EU Consolidated Biotechnology Annual.
Agricultural Biotechnology Annual_The Hague_Netherlands_10-11-2016

| Oilseed, Soybean (Local), Oilseed, Sunflowerseed, Oilseed, Peanut | Government Delays Reduction of Soybean Export Taxes Until 2018. 2016/2017 Soybean Area Reduced to 19.3 Million Hectares. | Oilseeds and Products | Buenos Aires | Argentina | 10/17/2016
The Argentine government announced it will delay a previously planned reduction of soybean export taxes until 2018, while implementing a new plan to bolster soybean production in the northern part of country. 2016/2017 soybean area harvested is revised down to 19.3 million hectares due to greater competition from alternative crops - corn and sunflower - and lower than expected wheat plantings. 2016/2017 sunflower area and production are left unchanged. 2016/2017 peanut production is expected to ...
Oilseeds and Products Update_Buenos Aires_Argentina_10-12-2016

| Prognosfruit 2016 | Fresh Deciduous Fruit | Berlin | Germany | 10/17/2016
On August 4 - 6, 2016, the World Apple and Pear Association (WAPA) presented the 2016 EU apple and pear crop forecast at the 40th Prognosfruit convention in Hamburg/Germany.  WAPA forecasts the 2016 EU fresh apples crop at 12 million metric tons (MT).  This is a decrease of 3 percent compared to the large crop in 2015.  Production of fresh pears is forecast at 2.1 million MT, versus 2.4 million MT in 2015.  This is a decrease of 9 percent.  This forecast reflects the situation as of mid-July.
Prognosfruit 2016_Berlin_Germany_10-7-2016

| Production is Stable, Domestic Consumption is Sliding | Grain and Feed | Kiev | Ukraine | 10/17/2016
In 2016, wheat production remained close to the level of the previous year despite decreased production area under winter crop. Barley production slightly exceeded the previous year’s mark. Corn production is expected to be at least 10 percent higher compared to the previous year based on expanded production areas. All grains demonstrate higher yields as the result of favorable weather conditions. Wheat food consumption as well as feed consumption for all grains has been downscaled based on sh...
Grain and Feed Update_Kiev_Ukraine_10-11-2016