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GAIN Reports from the past 3 days

These reports are in PDF format and you will need Adobe Reader in order to view or print these files. The download is free at

| Reaction to EC Suspension of Support to Fruit and Vegs Producers. | Trade Policy Monitoring | Warsaw | Poland | 9/17/2014
Polish Minister of Agriculture strongly criticized the decision of the European Commission suspending support to the EU producers of fruit and vegetables affected by the Russian ban on imports of agricultural products.  Polish fruit and vegetable producers are among the most affected by the Russian ban on imports of agricultural products within the European Union which creates strong economic and political pressure on the Polish Minister of Agriculture.
Reaction to EC Suspension of Support to Fruit and Vegs Producers. _Warsaw_Poland_9-15-2014

| FAS Bucharest helps clearing U.S. almond shipment | Export Accomplishments - Other | Bucharest | Romania | 9/17/2014
In the spring of 2014, FAS Bucharest worked jointly with the California Almond Board to clarify with Romanian Food Safety authorities the rules governing U.S. almond imports into the European Union. As a result of this collaboration, an almond shipment smoothly passed the import process.  
FAS Bucharest helps clearing U.S. almond shipment_Bucharest_Romania_9-17-2014

| Animal Numbers, Cattle, Meat, Beef and Veal | 2014 | Livestock and Products | New Delhi | India | 9/17/2014
For calendar year (CY) 2014 and CY 2015, the total cattle population is estimated to grow from 300.6 to 301.1 million head.  The cattle population is revised based on 2012 livestock census data from the Government of India (GOI).  CY 2014 and CY 2015 carabeef exports are forecast at 2 and 2.2 million tons carcass weight equivalent (CWE) on export pace and expectations of increased demand from the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia.
Livestock and Products Annual_New Delhi_India_9-12-2014

| Rise of Online Grocery Retail | Market Development Reports, Market Promotion/Competition, Promotion Opportunities, Retail Foods | New Delhi | India | 9/17/2014
Growth in India’s online retailing for food and groceries is a function of the rise in total internet users from 120 million to 213 million in the past year as well as a fall in mobile handset prices and a rise in smartphone penetration.  Online food and grocery retailing outlets have increased from 14 in 2013 to 44 as of September 2014.  Growth in online retail use has been greatest among younger and professional population segments.
Rise of Online Grocery Retail_New Delhi_India_9-12-2014

| FAIRS Country Report | Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards - Narrative | Madrid | Spain | 9/17/2014
Report Highlights: Spain is a member of the European Union (EU) and it follows EU directives and regulations.  This report is an update of SP1316 and outlines the applicable legislation regarding the export of U.S. food products to Spain, particularly those rules that differ from EU legislation.  This report should be read in conjunction with the EU-28 Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards Report.  Updates of the information provided are also available in the USEU/FAS website w...
Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards - Narrative_Madrid_Spain_8-21-2014

| Annapoorna World of Food India 2014 – Pre-Show Announcement | Trade Show Announcement | New Delhi | India | 9/17/2014
The 9th annual edition of Annapoorna World of Food India trade show will be held September 24 to 26, 2014, in Mumbai, India.  This is the only USDA endorsed trade show in India.  USDA will provide on-site and continued assistance to the ten participating U.S. food and agricultural companies looking to initiate or expand their sales in India.
Annapoorna World of Food India 2014 – Pre-Show Announcement_New Delhi_India_9-12-2014

| Area Planted for 2014/15 Cotton Forecast to Drop as Current Prices Reduce Incentives | Cotton and Products | Brasilia | Brazil | 9/16/2014
Post expects Brazil’s Marketing Year (MY) 2014/15 cotton area to drop by about 10 percent to 950,000 hectares, compared to the previous MY.  Current domestic prices are not attractive for farmers that would plant cotton as a second crop (“safrinha”).  In September, the Brazilian Government approved R$300 million (US$134 million) to finance the Equalization Premium Paid to the Producers Program (PEPRO) to support cotton producers in the 2014/15 MY.
Cotton and Products Update_Brasilia_Brazil_9-11-2014

| U.S. Food Festival Evaluation Report | Export Accomplishments - Events | Santiago | Chile | 9/16/2014
Post organized a U.S. Food Festival held July 4-6, 2014 in one of Santiago’s premier shopping centers.  Seven Chilean importers of U.S. food products exhibited 25 U.S. brands.  They sampled and sold 60 U.S. products.
U.S. Food Festival Evaluation Report_Santiago_Chile_9-11-2014

| Animal Numbers, Cattle, Meat, Beef and Veal | 2014 | Livestock and Products | Buenos Aires | Argentina | 9/16/2014
Argentine beef exports in 2015 are forecast at 210,000 tons carcass weight equivalent, an increase from what it is expected in 2014, but still an insignificant volume for what Argentina has historically exported.  Most traders expect the government to continue limiting beef exports to try to maintain domestic beef prices under control.  Beef production and consumption are projected to remain somewhat unchanged.    
Livestock and Products Annual_Buenos Aires_Argentina_9-10-2014

| GE labeling for animal products leads to extra costs | Biotechnology - GE Plants and Animals | Berlin | Germany | 9/16/2014
Compulsory labeling for products from animals fed with genetically engineered plants would lead to extra costs for companies and Government agencies. The regulation can just be done on EU level. These are the main results of a study done by the Thünen Institute (TI) on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Food and Agriculture.
GE labeling for animal products leads to extra costs_Berlin_Germany_8-20-2014

| New Draft Organic Regulations Available for Public Comments | Agricultural Situation, Agriculture in the News, Retail Foods | Moscow ATO | Russian Federation | 9/15/2014
In July 2014, the Russian State Duma Committee announced the start of public comments and expert evaluations of a draft version of National Standard (GOST) “Regulation of Organic Production” which will last until September 15, 2014. The GOST is prepared in accordance with the Council Regulation (EC) No 834/2007 of June 28, 2007, on organic production and describes the requirements for organic production and labelling. The GOST includes lists of fertilizes, plant protection products and agricultu...
New Draft Organic Regulations Available for Public Comments_Moscow ATO_Russian Federation_9-12-2014

| Food Retailers demand return to non GE-free feed | Biotechnology - GE Plants and Animals, Livestock and Products, Poultry and Products | Berlin | Germany | 9/15/2014
The German food retailers have demanded from the German Poultry Association (ZDG) to stop using genetically engineered feed starting from January 1st 2015. According to Lebensmittelzeitung, a working group "Soy in Animal Feed" was established with the long term goal to abandon GE feed totally in poultry and livestock production in Germany.
Food Retailers demand return to non GE-free feed_Berlin_Germany_9-3-2014

| 8th Food and Grocery Forum India 2015 - Update | Promotion Opportunities, Trade Show Announcement, Food Processing Ingredients, Retail Foods, Exporter Guide | New Delhi | India | 9/15/2014
The 8th annual Food and Grocery Forum India (FGFI) food show  will be held during January 14-16, 2015, in Mumbai, Maharashtra.  The 2015 FGFI show and subsequent conference will be sponsored by the Forum of Indian Food Importers and the National Restaurant Association of India, and will be organized by the Images Group, in association with the Ministry of Food Processing.  Dependent on budget availability, USDA hopes to establish a presence with a booth at the show and provide on-site assistanc...
8th Food and Grocery Forum India 2015 - Update_New Delhi_India_9-10-2014

| 2014 Francophone West Africa Biotechnology Report | Biotechnology and Other New Production Technologies | Dakar | Senegal | 9/15/2014
Since January 2014, the Burkinabe National Biosafety Agency (NBA) has been in the process of converting the status of the organization to a technical and scientific public institution (EPSET) for greater autonomous.  Legal texts have been submitted to the parliament for adoption. The Burkinabe National Institute of Environment and Agricultural Research (INERA) would like to conduct confined field trials on Bt cowpea with two local varieties. If it is authorized by the NBA, research could start t...
Agricultural Biotechnology Annual_Dakar_Senegal_8-1-2014