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GAIN Reports from the past 3 days

These reports are in PDF format and you will need Adobe Reader in order to view or print these files. The download is free at

| Ethiopia Revises Biosafety Law to Allow Cultivation of Bt Cotton | Biotechnology - GE Plants and Animals, Cotton and Products, National Plan | Addis Ababa | Ethiopia | 10/13/2015
On August 14, 2015, the President of Ethiopia signed into law the amendment to the Biosafety Proclamation which is supposed to create the necessary regulatory framework that will allow the Government of Ethiopia (GOE) to move forward with its plan of allowing the cultivation of genetically-engineered Bt cotton.    This report contains a copy of the newly-revised Biosafety Proclamation. See GAIN Report ET1522 for more details on the biotech situation in the country.
Ethiopia Revises Biosafety Law to Allow Cultivation of Bt Cotton_Addis Ababa_Ethiopia_10-8-2015

| Vietnam National Assembly Passes Animal Health Law | FAIRS Subject Report, Livestock and Products, Poultry and Products, Sanitary/Phytosanitary/Food Safety | Hanoi | Vietnam | 10/13/2015
This report provides an un-official translation of Vietnam’s Law on Animal Health approved by the National Assembly on June 19, 2015.  The Law supersedes the Veterinary Ordinance 18/2004/PL-UBTVQH10, and will be effective from July 1, 2016.  It covers a wide range of animal health related areas including prevention, control, and surveillance of animal diseases, management of animal slaughtering and processing, import quarantine inspection of animal and animal products, and the management of vete...
Vietnam National Assembly Passes Animal Health Law_Hanoi_Vietnam_10-7-2015

| Eurasian Economic Union Ag Times No. 4 of 2015 | Sanitary/Phytosanitary/Food Safety, FAIRS Subject Report, Trade Policy Monitoring | Moscow | Russian Federation | 10/13/2015
This report [1] contains summaries of relevant decisions and documents from the Armenia-Belarus-Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan Russia Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) meetings, published between June 18 and August 31, 2015 that impact EAEU food and agriculture policy.  Key documents included herein are draft Unified EAEU Phytosanitary requirements, a number of decisions on import tariff changes for numerous agricultural products, which appear consistent with Russia’s WTO commitments, the EEC Collegium dec...
Eurasian Economic Union Ag Times No. 4 of 2015_Moscow_Russian Federation_10-6-2015

| Assessment of Global Climate Change on the Caribbean Region | Climate Change/Global Warming/Food Security | Miami ATO | Caribbean Basin | 10/13/2015
Caribbean nations are very heterogeneous in terms of history, culture, and GDP.  Each country will face different challenges and pursue different solutions as the entire region will feel the effects of climate change. While some nations are more vulnerable than others, global warming and Sea Level Rise (SLR) will slowly undermine the natural advantages and infrastructure these nations have to draw tourists.  Climate change and SLR will also slowly degrade agricultural conditions in what is alrea...
Assessment of Global Climate Change on the Caribbean Region_Miami ATO_Caribbean Basin_10-8-2015

| Ice Cream Supplier Finds Sweet Tooth in the Caribbean | Export Accomplishments - Marketing, Trade Events and Shows | Miami ATO | Caribbean Basin | 10/13/2015
The Food Marketing Consultants, Inc., a small U.S. ice cream supplier, with the help of FAS and its partner commodity organizations, penetrated seven Caribbean markets and tripled its exports sales to near the $1 million mark over a three year period applying a combination of export development programs and services that include:  the Market Access Program, Foreign Buyer Lists, In-Bound Buying Missions, Out-Going Trade Missions, and USDA-endorsed Trade Shows.  
Ice Cream Supplier Finds Sweet Tooth in the Caribbean_Miami ATO_Caribbean Basin_10-8-2015

| Potato Products, Frozen | 2015 | Potatoes and Potato Products | Ottawa | Canada | 10/13/2015
Despite a small increase in planted area, Post forecasts a reduction in MY 2015/16 for fresh potato production as yields return to average levels of 32 MT/ha. Exports of fresh potatoes are forecast to increase 14 percent, while imports, originating almost exclusively from the United States, are forecast to increase by 19 percent. The frozen french fry sector will continue to remain stable, with a modest increase in production resulting from a larger contracted volume for processing potatoes. Dom...
Potatoes and Potato Products Annual_Ottawa_Canada_10-8-2015

| Cotton Update | Cotton and Products, Agricultural Situation | Islamabad | Pakistan | 10/13/2015
Pakistan’s 2015/16 cotton production is forecast at 9.2 million 480 lb bales, down 800,000 from the previous estimate, and the lowest level since 2010.  Insect damage and Cotton Leaf Curl Virus appear to be heavier than usual as farmers have reduced inputs in an effort to reduce costs in the face of lower cotton prices.  Farmers are also expected to reduce the number of pickings as a result of lower prices.  Cotton imports are expected to more than double to 2.3 million bales to offset the reduc...
Cotton Update_Islamabad_Pakistan_10-8-2015

| Summer Fancy Food Show 2015 Report | CSSF Activity Evaluation | Dubai | United Arab Emirates | 10/13/2015
Thirteen representatives of major food importing companies based in Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates attended the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York this year. Four companies completed the evaluation survey and they reported projected $ 155,000 in imports of U.S. food products in the next 12 months as a direct result of their visit to the show.  
Summer Fancy Food Show 2015 Report_Dubai_United Arab Emirates_10-5-2015

| FAIRS Country Report | Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards - Narrative | Riyadh | Saudi Arabia | 10/13/2015
In 2015, Saudi Arabia’s regulatory authorities continued to strictly implement food import regulations and standards which have affected the flow of some U.S. food products exports to the Kingdom.  The strict enforcement of import regulations included a ban on the use of unsubstantiated health benefits claims on labels of prepackaged food products, a ban on poultry and egg product exports from U.S. states that have confirmed cases of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) and a continued impo...
Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards - Narrative_Riyadh_Saudi Arabia_10-5-2015

| Select | New Zealand Annual Dairy and Milk Supply Report 2015 | Dairy and Products | Wellington | New Zealand | 10/13/2015
The second successive year of low dairy prices is taking its toll on New Zealand dairy farmers both financially on on herd numbers.  Forecast milk supply is set to drop by two percent to 21.4 million metric tons in 2015.  This is likely to be followed by a further fall in 2016 of three percent to 20.8 million metric tons. Both dairy production and exports will follow the same direction.
Dairy and Products Annual_Wellington_New Zealand_10-8-2015

| Cotton and Products Update - September 2015 | Cotton and Products | New Delhi | India | 10/12/2015
The MY 2015/16 production estimate is 28.5 million 480 lb. bales as deficit rains lead to stunted crop growth and lower yields. Planted area reached 11.6 million hectares and is expected to climb higher as late sowing continues in a few southern states. Trade data reflects completed marketing year 2014/15 information. Cotton Corporation of India is expected to commence MSP procurement by the third week of October. 
Cotton and Products Update - September 2015_New Delhi_India_10-7-2015