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GAIN Reports from the past 3 days

These reports are in PDF format and you will need Adobe Reader in order to view or print these files. The download is free at

| Crop Update | Grain and Feed | London | United Kingdom EU-27 | 8/27/2014
Very good growing conditions across much of EU28 saw an early start to harvest.  However, recent rains on the Continent have raised quality concerns for the otherwise large wheat crop.  This is particularly the case in France, the EU28’s largest producer and exporter of milling wheat, and in Bulgaria and Romania.  The EU28’s barley crop has been less detrimentally affected by the recent weather.  The winter barley harvest is now all but complete with quality described as generally good.  The spr...
Crop Update _London_United Kingdom EU-27_8-22-2014

| South African Retail Food Industry | Retail Foods | Pretoria | South Africa - Republic of | 8/27/2014
South Africa has a well-developed retail sector. In 2013, the retail sector contributed almost 12 percent to overall GDP and reflected growth of nine percent over the past five years with total retail sales in South Africa amounting to R406.2 billion (USD $38 billion). Retail sales are expected to grow by almost five percent per annum in the next five years and 2014 sales are projected to reach R424.8 billion (USD $40 billion).
Retail Foods_Pretoria_South Africa - Republic of_8-22-2014

| New Protein Initiative in Lower Saxony | Biotechnology and Other New Production Technologies, Oilseeds and Products, Policy and Program Announcements | Berlin | Germany | 8/27/2014
The agricultural minister of Lower Saxony has introduced a new protein feed initiative on July 29. The goal of the initiative is to promote the cultivation of peas, beans and lupins. Lower Saxony is the center of livestock production in Germany with roughly two third of the German chicken and pork production.
New Protein Initiative in Lower Saxony_Berlin_Germany_8-6-2014

| FAIRS Country Report | Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards - Narrative | Canberra | Australia | 8/27/2014
Australia is a major producer of raw materials and processed foods but imports a growing volume of food and beverages. U.S. exports of consumer ready food products to Australia have risen steadily over recent years and in 2013 were valued at $1.07 billion.  All foods sold in Australia must comply with a range of laws designed to protect public health and safety, to ensure plant and animal pests and diseases are not introduced, and to assist consumers. These laws apply equally to imported and lo...
Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards - Narrative_Canberra_Australia_8-22-2014

| Poultry, Meat, Broiler, Poultry, Meat, Turkey | 2014 | Poultry and Products | Ottawa | Canada | 8/26/2014
In 2015, the poultry sector is likely to show another year of moderate growth. Broiler meat production is forecast to expand 2 percent, as chicken becomes an attractive substitute for red meats, which remain in tight supply and exhibit high prices. Consumer demand remains robust, while poultry processors enjoy above average profit margins. The chicken TRQ is projected to reach 80,900 metric tons in 2015, from an estimated level of 78,900 metric tons in 2014.
Poultry and Products Annual_Ottawa_Canada_8-21-2014

| Eurasian Economic Commission Announces 2015 Meat Poultry Whey TRQs | Trade Policy Monitoring, Dairy and Products, Livestock and Products, Poultry and Products | Moscow | Russian Federation | 8/25/2014
On August 20, 2014, the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) published the list of commodities subject to tariff rate quota (TRQ) regulations in 2015 and the volumes of the tariff-rate quotas for imports of these goods into the Customs Union territory (i.e., Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus).  Unchanged from 2014, Russia’s TRQ volumes appear consistent with its WTO commitments.  Belarus TRQ volumes also remained unchanged, while Kazakhstan will reduce access for frozen beef in 2015.  The EEC Decisi...
Eurasian Economic Commission Announces 2015 Meat Poultry Whey TRQs_Moscow_Russian Federation_8-21-2014

| Raw Sugar Export Subsidy Changed | Trade Policy Monitoring, Policy and Program Announcements, Sugar | New Delhi | India | 8/25/2014
The Ministry of Consumer Affairs revised the raw sugar subsidy to $55.09 (INR 3,371) per metric ton (MT), which is applicable from August 1, 2014, to September 30, 2014.  The current subsidy notification is the fourth consecutive announcement since February 2014.
Raw Sugar Export Subsidy Changed_New Delhi_India_8-22-2014

| Import Notification for Livestock | Livestock and Products, Sanitary/Phytosanitary/Food Safety, FAIRS Subject Report | New Delhi | India | 8/25/2014
Imports of livestock (except live shrimp) into India require an import license issued by the Ministry of Commerce and complying with sanitary conditions as specified in the applicable veterinary health certificate. 
Import Notification for Livestock_New Delhi_India_8-22-2014

| New Regulation on Animal Quarantine Measures | Agricultural Situation, FAIRS Subject Report, Livestock and Products, Sanitary/Phytosanitary/Food Safety, Trade Policy Monitoring | Jakarta | Indonesia | 8/25/2014
On May 12, 2014 Ministry of Agriculture issued Regulation No. 65/2014 on animal quarantine measures for importation, exportation and distribution of consumable products of animal origin.  Quarantine measures can be in the form of inspection, detention, rejection, eradication, and releasing of the products.   Documentation and/or physical inspections will be conducted to include SPS, Halal certificate, packaging, temperature, and condition of the products. 
New Regulation on Animal Quarantine Measures_Jakarta_Indonesia_8-21-2014

| Monsoon report - 7 | Agricultural Situation | New Delhi | India | 8/25/2014
The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) estimates rainfall from August to September will be at 43.45 centimeter (cm), five percent less than the long period average (LPA) (based on data from 1950 to 2000).  Cumulative rainfall from June to September is now forecast at 77.43 cm, 13 percent below the LPA.  Kharif (fall and early harvested) crop planting is down 9 percent compared to last year due to poor rainfall.
Monsoon report - 7_New Delhi_India_8-22-2014

| Fresh Cherries,(Sweet&Sour), Fresh Peaches & Nectarines | 2014 | Stone Fruit | Canberra | Australia | 8/25/2014
Cherry production for 2014-15 is forecast to expand to 18,000 MT, 12 per cent above the previous year, with the harvest area significantly revised upwards. Higher production is driven by improved seasonal conditions, especially in Tasmania, combined with rising prices in key export markets. Production of peaches and nectarines is expected to decline below 100,000 MT in 2014-15 due to adverse market conditions. These stone fruit gained entry to the Australian market in July 2013 and U.S. shipment...
Stone Fruit Annual_Canberra_Australia_8-20-2014

| 2014 Tariff-Rate-Quota (TRQ) Mid-Year Fill Rates | Agricultural Situation, Trade Policy Monitoring | Bogota | Colombia | 8/25/2014
As of August 15, 2014 the Colombian National Office of Taxes and Customs (DIAN) information on the 2014 TRQ fill rates demonstrated a positive trade trend. According to official DIAN import data, the TRQ’s for yellow corn, white corn and crude soybean oil are fully subscribed.
2014 Tariff-Rate-Quota (TRQ) Mid-Year Fill Rates _Bogota_Colombia_8-20-2014

| Colombia’s Appetite for U.S. Corn Remains Strong | Agricultural Situation, Grain and Feed, Trade Policy Monitoring | Bogota | Colombia | 8/25/2014
U.S. corn exports to Colombia have dominated the market against Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR) competitors.  U.S. corn exports slightly exceeded 2.4 million metric tons (MMT) through June 2014, closing the 2.3 MMT quota for the calendar year under the U.S.-Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement (CTPA).   U.S. corn is on track to capture approximately 95% of the 3.6 MMT corn import market in Colombia, notwithstanding out-of-quota duties at 18.75%.  Progressively higher duties on MERCOSUR corn unde...
Colombia’s Appetite for U.S. Corn Remains Strong _Bogota_Colombia_8-20-2014

| July 2014 | Grain and Feed | Ottawa | Canada | 8/25/2014
2014/2015: Wheat, barley, corn and oat production in 2014/2015 is forecast at 49.7 million metric tons (MMT), 20 percent lower than MY 2013/14, but exports are forecast to remain strong due to high carry-over and a weaker Canadian dollar.  Post wheat production estimate remains unchanged, but total supply is lowered to 38.380 MMT due to continued strong exports of 2013/14 crop.  Barley production lowered 5 percent to 7,240 TMT and export forecast unchanged at 1,500 TMT.  Estimated corn productio...
Grain and Feed Update_Ottawa_Canada_8-20-2014

| Stricter Rules for Chicken Production in Lower Saxony | Poultry and Products | Berlin | Germany | 8/25/2014
The German Federal State of Lower Saxony has introduced stricter rules for broiler production. Lower Saxony is the center of chicken production in Germany and the new rules could put the competitiveness of the German poultry industry at risk.
Stricter Rules for Chicken Production in Lower Saxony_Berlin_Germany_8-6-2014

| Weekly Rice Price Update | Grain and Feed | Bangkok | Thailand | 8/25/2014
TH4071 – Export prices increased 1 to 4 percent due to tight domestic supplies. The government’s approval of its rice stock sales was lower than market expectations.    
Rice Price - Weekly_Bangkok_Thailand_8-20-2014

| Sausage Cartel lifted in Germany | Livestock and Products | Berlin | Germany | 8/25/2014
The German Federal Cartel Office has imposed a fine for sausage price fixing in July 2014. The so called sausage cartel has to pay a fine of 330 million Euro for illegal price fixing agreements that resulted in high sausage prices for the consumer.
Sausage Cartel lifted in Germany_Berlin_Germany_8-8-2014