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GAIN Reports from the past 3 days

These reports are in PDF format and you will need Adobe Reader in order to view or print these files. The download is free at

| Wheat, Barley, Corn, Rice, Milled | July 2014 Grain and Feed Update | Grain and Feed | Ankara | Turkey | 7/30/2014
Drought, floods and frost all had adverse effects on local wheat, barley, corn, and rice crops in market year (MY) 2014.  Rice planting was the first affected by the lack of water at the beginning of the season, and with floods in recent weeks.  Lower local production will increase imports demand of all grains.  Wheat imports are expected to go as high as 5.5 million metric tons (MMT), barley 1.5 MMT, corn 1.5 MMT and rice 300,000 metric tons (MT).  Demand for imported wheat will also depend on...
Grain and Feed Update_Ankara_Turkey_7-25-2014

| The supply and demand for grain and feed in South Africa | Grain and Feed | Pretoria | South Africa - Republic of | 7/30/2014
Post forecasts that South Africa will plant around 3.2 million hectares of corn in the 2014/15 MY, which could realize a total corn crop of about 13.0 million tons.  South Africa’s corn crop for the 2013/14 MY, at 14.6 million tons, is 17 percent more than the 2012/13 MY’s corn crop of 12.5 million tons and the largest since the 1980/81 MY.  As a result, South Africa should have sufficient stocks to export about 3.5 million tons of corn in the 2013/14 MY and 2.5 million tons of corn in the 2014/...
Grain and Feed Update_Pretoria_South Africa - Republic of_7-25-2014

| Indonesia Grain and Feed Update July 2014 | Grain and Feed | Jakarta | Indonesia | 7/30/2014
In marketing year (MY) 2013/14, Post expects Indonesian rice production to decline by 1.5 percent to 36 MMT of milled rice equivalent, compared to the previous MY 2012/13 of 36.55 MMT. The decline is due to 2014 floods in major rice production areas of northern Java and higher pest and disease incidents in southern Java.  There are no changes in MY 2013/14 corn production estimates. Corn imports are expected to increase due to higher demand from feed mills. There are no changes on to the wheat P...
Grain and Feed Update_Jakarta_Indonesia_7-25-2014

| Indonesia Oilseed and Products Update July 2014 | Oilseeds and Products | Jakarta | Indonesia | 7/30/2014
Indonesia expects a weak to moderate El-Nino phenomenon from October to December 2014. Crude Palm Oil (CPO) and soybean production are expected to remain stable throughout marketing year (MY) 2013/2014, with delayed effects to CPO production possibly occurring in MY 2014/2015.  Historical data suggests that Indonesian CPO production may remain unchanged despite El-Nino.  Changes in Indonesia’s domestic palm oil consumption estimates may occur if Indonesia does not meet its national biodiesel tar...
Oilseeds and Products Update_Jakarta_Indonesia_7-25-2014

| Biotechnology Remains Misunderstood by the General Public | Biotechnology and Other New Production Technologies | Lima | Peru | 7/30/2014
President Humala on December 9, 2011, approved Law 29,811 establishing a ten-year moratorium on genetically modified organisms.  The law designates the Ministry of Environment as the lead agency responsible for biotechnology.  The ministry opposes biotechnology; it is responsible for the biotechnology crop ban.  The moratorium however contemplates three exceptions: 1) laboratory research; 2) use in pharmaceuticals and veterinary products; and 3) use in food, animal feed and in food processing.  ...
Agricultural Biotechnology Annual_Lima_Peru_6-30-2014

| Wheat, Barley, Corn | August 2014 Update | Grain and Feed | Moscow | Russian Federation | 7/29/2014
FAS/Moscow increased its previous Russia’s total grain crop forecast for MY 2014/15 by 2 million metric tons (MMT) to 94 MMT. This includes 52 MMT of wheat, 16 MMT of barley, 13 MMT of corn, and almost 13 MMT of other grains and pulses. Given these crop volumes, in MY 2013/14 Russia may export up to 26 MMT of grain, including 18.5 MMT of wheat, 2.7 MMT of barley, 3.5 MMT of corn, and approximately 0.8 MMT of other grains and pulses.
Grain and Feed Update_Moscow_Russian Federation_7-22-2014

| New GOI Budget 2014-15 – Agricultural Highlights | Agriculture in the Economy, Trade Policy Monitoring, National Plan, Policy and Program Announcements | New Delhi | India | 7/29/2014
India’s new National Democratic Alliance Government presented its inaugural budget on July 10, 2014.   The new budget indicates a continuation of the previous government’s agricultural programs, as well as a number of new programs which aim to improve agricultural infrastructure and farmer access to credit.  Import tariffs for most food and agricultural products remain unchanged, excepting for de-oiled oilseed cakes and meals, wherein the import duty has been exempted till December 31, 2014.
New GOI Budget 2014-15 – Agricultural Highlights_New Delhi_India_7-24-2014

| Exporter Guide | Exporter Guide | Dubai | United Arab Emirates | 7/29/2014
This reports is an introductory tool for U.S. who wish to export food products to Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and the UAE. It also provides advises on best business practices and a list of products of high potential.
Exporter Guide_Dubai_United Arab Emirates_11-18-2013

| Pakistan Allows Import of Live Animals | Trade Policy Incident Report | Islamabad | Pakistan | 7/28/2014
The Government of Pakistan approved a proposal lifting the ban on the import of live animals from countries on July 4, 2014.  The language allows animals, including U.S. live cattle, from areas which have been declared as negligible risk by World Animal Health Organization (OIE), can now be imported.  Pakistani importers and U.S. exporters have shown strong interest in quickly establishing a market for U.S. dairy cattle.
Pakistan Allows Import of Live Animals _Islamabad_Pakistan_7-8-2014

| Poultry Quota Allocation | Poultry and Products, Agricultural Situation | Astana | Kazakhstan - Republic of | 7/28/2014
On June 26, 2014 the Decree releasing 2nd stage of 2014 Kazakh poultry quota was published in the official newspaper.  The Decree No. 689 as of June 20, 2014 allocates the 2nd tranche of quota in the amount of 74,250 MT. The Decree comes into force 10 calendar days after its official publication, i.e. July 6, 2014.
Poultry Quota Allocation_Astana_Kazakhstan - Republic of_7-24-2014

| Health Canada Consults on Nutrition Information on Food Labels | Policy and Program Announcements | Ottawa | Canada | 7/28/2014
Health Canada proposes changes to the nutrition information on food labels, based on earlier input from parents and consumers, as well as the newest scientific information. These changes are intended to make it easier to read and understand labels and help consumers make healthy food choices. Interested stakeholders have until September 11, 214, to submit their comments to Health Canada on the proposed regulatory changes.
Health Canada Consults on Nutrition Information on Food Labels_Ottawa_Canada_7-24-2014