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GAIN Reports from the past 3 days

These reports are in PDF format and you will need Adobe Reader in order to view or print these files. The download is free at

| Blue Diamond Growers Set to Meet Growing Demand in the Philippines | Export Accomplishments - Other | Manila | Philippines | 10/31/2014
FAS Manila worked with Blue Diamond Growers (BDG) of California to connect with a new importer and build a bigger market for U.S. almonds in the Philippines.  This effort has led to a first order that is expected to arrive in time for the holiday season, with additional orders expected.    
Blue Diamond Growers Set to Meet Growing Demand in the Philippines _Manila_Philippines_10-16-2014

| Dairy, Milk, Fluid, Dairy, Milk, Nonfat Dry, Dairy, Dry Whole Milk Powder, Dairy, Cheese | Situation and Outlook | Dairy and Products | Manila | Philippines | 10/31/2014
Producing less than one percent of its growing dairy requirement of 1.886 million metric tons (MMT) in 2014, the Philippines continues to be a major global importer of dairy products, especially milk powder.  Despite the continued rapid expansion of the food processing industry, persistent high prices in 2014 are expected to result in total annual imports dropping to about 1.800 MMT (from 1.946 MMT in 2013).  Major suppliers are New Zealand (39 percent), the United States (28 percent), and Aust...
Dairy and Products Annual_Manila_Philippines_10-28-2014

| Wheat, Barley, Corn, Rice, Milled | Jordan Grain and Feed Annual Report 2014 | Grain and Feed | Amman | Jordan | 10/31/2014
Jordan’s domestic production of cereals is negligible. This report covers Jordan’s production, supply and demand of wheat, barley, corn and rice.  
Grain and Feed Annual_Amman_Jordan_10-30-2014

| Agricultural activities in Jordan | Agricultural Situation | Amman | Jordan | 10/31/2014
This report highlights the Agricultural activities in Jordan in October 2014
Agricultural activities in Jordan _Amman_Jordan_10-30-2014

| Eurasian Integration Continues with the Eurasian Economic Union | Agriculture in the News, Agricultural Situation, FAIRS Subject Report | Moscow | Russian Federation | 10/31/2014
Regional integration in the post-Soviet space is set to continue with the launch of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) on January 1, 2015.  The initial EEU members will be Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Russia, with Armenia planning to join January 2, 2015, at the earliest, and Kyrgyzstan to follow some time later.  No immediate changes affecting trade in agricultural goods with Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Russia are expected with the entry into force of the EEU Treaty on January 1, 2015, while Armenia an...
Eurasian Integration Continues with the Eurasian Economic Union_Moscow_Russian Federation_10-27-2014

| 2014 Customs Union Ag Times No. 6 | Sanitary/Phytosanitary/Food Safety, FAIRS Subject Report, Trade Policy Monitoring | Moscow | Russian Federation | 10/31/2014
This report contains summaries of relevant decisions and documents from the Russia-Kazakhstan-Belarus Customs Union (CU) meetings, published between August 29 and October 27, 2014 that impact CU food and agriculture policy.  Key documents included herein are the treaty on accession of the Republic of Armenia to the Eurasian Economic Union, a schedule for issuing or amending CU technical regulations in 2014-2015, EEC Council decision No. 95 approving an updated Regulation on the procedure of joi...
2014 Customs Union Ag Times No. 6_Moscow_Russian Federation_10-29-2014

| Poland Expecting Record Apple Crop of 3.5m metric tons | Agricultural Situation, Fresh Deciduous Fruit, Trade Policy Monitoring | Warsaw | Poland | 10/31/2014
Poland is a leading world apple exporter. In MY 2014/15 Poland’s total apple product is estimated at 3.5 million metric tons, an increase of nearly 13 percent from the previous year’s crop. The record 2014 apple crop and the Russian embargo on agricultural products will lead to strong fruit market distortion in Poland. Great numbers of orchards will be only partly harvested and substantial losses incurred by apple and pear producers are expected. Very low fruit prices and abundant commercial sto...
Poland Expecting Record Apple Crop of 3.5m metric tons_Warsaw_Poland_10-29-2014

| Tasting event successfully conducted in Romania | CSSF Activity Report, Export Accomplishments - Other, Trade Policy Monitoring | Bucharest | Romania | 10/31/2014
This is an evaluation report on the beef, distilled spirits, dried fruits and nuts tasting event organized in Bucharest on September 10th, 2014.  
Tasting event successfully conducted in Romania_Bucharest_Romania_10-29-2014

| Seed Act Clears First Legislative Hurdle | Planting Seeds | Islamabad | Pakistan | 10/31/2014
The bill amending Pakistan’s 1976 Seed Act has cleared the first step of the legislative process. 
Seed Act Clears First Legislative Hurdle_Islamabad_Pakistan_10-30-2014

| Taiwan Authorities Enforce GE Testing on Organic Soybeans and Look t | Biotechnology - GE Plants and Animals, Oilseeds and Products, Grain and Feed | Taipei | Taiwan | 10/31/2014
On August 7, 2014, Taiwan’s Agriculture and Food Agency (AFA) of Council of Agriculture (COA) began screening for genetically engineered (GE) materials in organic soybeans.  Several shipments of U.S. organic soybeans were tested and one rejected since enforcement began.  Starting November 1, 2014, Taiwan customs authorities will mandate the distinction of GE and non-GE shipments of corn and soybean shipments through separate commodity description codes (i.e. HS or CCC codes).  
Taiwan Authorities Enforce GE Testing on Organic Soybeans and Look t_Taipei_Taiwan_10-29-2014

| Government Discusses the Future of the Russian Fishery Sector | Fishery Products | Moscow | Russian Federation | 10/31/2014
The International Conference on Aquaculture was held on October 8, 2014, during the agricultural show Golden Autumn in Moscow.  During the conference Government officials, fishermen, producers and research institutions discussed approaches to the development of the Russian Fishery Sector, as proposed in the government program through 2030.
Government Discusses the Future of the Russian Fishery Sector_Moscow_Russian Federation_10-29-2014

| Russian Agricultural Policy and Situation Bi-Weekly Update - 20 | Agricultural Situation, Agriculture in the News | Moscow | Russian Federation | 10/31/2014
Draft Federal Budget for 2015 and the planned period 2016-2017 Submitted to the State Duma . . . .  Russian Government Updated Rules for Distribution of Subsidies . . . . Eurasian Economic Commission Amend Quarantine Regulations . . . . Russian Government Approved Plan for Implementation of Domestic Food Aid . . . .  Russian Grain Stocks Data Published . . . . Ban of Ukrainian Plant Origin Products . . . . 7th International Forum “Forest and Man” . . . . EEU to Replace EurAsEC . . . . Treaty on ...
Russian Agricultural Policy and Situation Bi-Weekly Update - 20_Moscow_Russian Federation_10-28-2014

| Hong Kong’s Import Regulations on Wine and Spirits | FAIRS Subject Report, Agriculture in the News, Wine | Hong Kong | Hong Kong | 10/31/2014
This report provides general guidelines on import regulations for alcoholic beverages to Hong Kong and Macao.  Wine imports to Hong Kong and Macao are not subject to import duty and there are no health certification requirements.  Hong Kong exempts beverages with more than 10 percent alcohol from labeling requirements but requires that the alcohol content be stated on the product.  In Macao, beverages with alcoholic content over 5 percent are exempt from labeling requirements.  For re-exports ...
Hong Kong’s Import Regulations on Wine and Spirits_Hong Kong_Hong Kong_10-30-2014

| KWS builds biotech research center in St. Louis | Biotechnology and Other New Production Technologies, Planting Seeds | Berlin | Germany | 10/31/2014
The German seed company KWS builds a new biotech research center in Missouri. This can be seen as a reaction to negative attitudes toward biotech crops in Europe as well as non-existent markets. KWS is the third major German agricultural company that moves its biotech research to the United States. Bayer has already done so in 2004, and BASF followed in 2012. FAS Berlin reached out to KWS as part of the Obama Administration's broader effort to increase foreign investment in the United States.
KWS builds biotech research center in St. Louis_Berlin_Germany_10-24-2014

| Turkey Requires GE-Free Attestation for Enzymes and Microorganisms | Biotechnology and Other New Production Technologies | Ankara | Turkey | 10/31/2014
Beginning in late October 2014, Turkey's Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock requires a government attestation that imports of enzymes and microorganisms are not obtained from genetic engineering.
Turkey Requires GE-Free Attestation for Enzymes and Microorganisms_Ankara_Turkey_10-28-2014

| Dairy, Milk, Fluid, Dairy, Butter, Dairy, Milk, Nonfat Dry, Dairy, Cheese | 2015 Market Outlook and 2014 Situation Update Summary | Dairy and Products | Tokyo | Japan | 10/31/2014
Japanese production of fluid milk is projected to fall again in 2014, though a modest recovery is anticipated in 2015.  In 2014, Japan contracted significant additional volumes of imported butter and non-fat dry milk, more than doubling Japanese fiscal year 2014 current access commitments; U.S. suppliers were not price competitive.  Imports of U.S. cheeses will set a new record in 2014, outstripping the 2013 record high by at least 30 percent.
Dairy and Products Annual_Tokyo_Japan_10-24-2014

| Wheat, Rice, Milled, Corn | Grain & Feed Update October | Grain and Feed | Caracas | Venezuela | 10/31/2014
  Post expects imports of yellow corn, rice, and wheat to continue strong assuming availability of foreign exchange. Rising domestic food demand, continued strong requirements of the animal feed industry, and further reductions in domestic grain production all contribute to the need for imports.
Grain and Feed Update_Caracas_Venezuela_10-27-2014

| Weekly Rice Price Update | Grain and Feed | Bangkok | Thailand | 10/31/2014
TH4103 – Export prices of white rice declined 2 to 3 percent in anticipation of further sales of government stocks from the public tender on Tuesday, October 28.  Also, fragrant rice prices fell significantly as new supplies are coming onto the market.
Rice Price - Weekly_Bangkok_Thailand_10-28-2014

| Grain and Feed Update - October 2014 | Grain and Feed | Tokyo | Japan | 10/31/2014
As Japan’s Ministry of Finance announced import statistics ending June 2014 for wheat, Post has finalized the 2013/2014 marketing year (MY) import number in its PS&D.  Japan’s feed production remains constant.  Corn utilization in feed has continued to recover due to falling U. S. corn prices, resulting in the use of sorghum and wheat decreasing.  Also, due in part to an increased supply of Canadian spring wheat, which is cheaper than its U.S. counterpart, wheat imports from the U. S. for MY2013...
Grain and Feed Update_Tokyo_Japan_10-28-2014

| 2014 | Biotechnology and Other New Production Technologies | Tegucigalpa | Honduras | 10/30/2014
Honduras allows commercial production and field trials of genetically engineered (GE) crops. In 2013, there were 39,000 hectares of GE varieties, as well as several field trials.   Multi-trait “stacked” events are already in the semi-commercial and commercial stages.
Agricultural Biotechnology Annual_Tegucigalpa_Honduras_10-29-2014

| Dairy, Butter, Dairy, Cheese, Dairy, Milk, Fluid, Dairy, Dry Whole Milk Powder, Dairy, Milk, Nonfat Dry | 2014 | Dairy and Products | Canberra | Australia | 10/30/2014
The Australian dairy and dairy products industry is still recovering from drought and the volume of milk production is expected to be around 9.6 million metric tons in 2015.  Output of dairy products such as cheese and milk powder is constrained by available milk supplies. Domestic demand for dairy products is expanding as is demand in Asian markets. International prices have declined significantly over the year. Airfreight exports of fresh milk to China are likely to grow rapidly. Industry rest...
Dairy and Products Annual_Canberra_Australia_10-16-2014

| Wheat, Barley, Sorghum, Rice, Milled | October 2014 | Grain and Feed | Canberra | Australia | 10/30/2014
Australian wheat production for 2014-15 is expected to fall to 24 million tonnes due to lower than expected rainfall and declining yields.  Wheat exports are also forecast to fall to around 18 million tonnes. Barley production is forecast to decline by around one fifth to 7.5 million tonnes, as some growers shift to wheat and canola crops and yields decline due to below average rainfall in the growing season. Production of grain sorghum in 2014-15 is forecast to increase by over 70 per cent to 1...
Grain and Feed Update_Canberra_Australia_10-22-2014

| US-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement Creates Opportunities for Pet Food | Agriculture in the Economy, Agriculture in the News, Competitor, Country/Regional FTA's, Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards - Certification, Retail Foods | Lima | Peru | 10/30/2014
Thanks to the U.S.-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement’s (PTPA) reduction and or elimination of import tariffs on a wide range of U.S. agricultural and food products, demand for U.S. pet food products is growing.  Local demand overall for imported pet food at the same time has grown with economic expansion.  Peruvian GDP growth averaging 6.5 percent over the past decade allowed the economy to double in size, causing urbanization to spike.  With greater disposable income, pet owners are buying more im...
US-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement Creates Opportunities for Pet Food_Lima_Peru_8-8-2014

| Soybean Production Forecast at 94 Million Metric Tons Despite Slow Pace of Plantings | Oilseeds and Products | Brasilia | Brazil | 10/30/2014
The 2014/15 soybean production forecast is maintained at 94 million metric tons (MT) despite slow pace of plantings in Mato Grosso. The soybean exports forecast for the 2014/15 marketing year is lowered at 47 million MT due to late plantings and slow pace of commercialization. 
Oilseeds and Products Update_Brasilia_Brazil_10-27-2014

| Annual 2014 | Retail Foods | Singapore | Singapore | 10/30/2014
Singapore’s retail foods market is diverse, dynamic, and extremely competitive.  Almost all retail food is imported.  Three main chains dominate the retail sector.  Consumer spending on food and beverages is expected to grow 5 percent annually through 2018, which will drive continued growth in the retail sector. Demand from Singapore’s retail sector is fueling growth in U.S. exports of consumer oriented food products.
Retail Foods_Singapore_Singapore_10-23-2014

| 2014 Agricultural Biotechnology Annual | Biotechnology and Other New Production Technologies | Rabat | Morocco | 10/29/2014
Morocco’s debate on biotechnology continues without much progress.  The general attitude towards genetically engineered (GE) crops in Morocco remains hostile.  Biotechnology continues to be a politically sensitive subject in Morocco.  In 2008, Morocco circulated a draft law to regulate the introduction, use, and marketing of biotech products.  However, the law was dismissed in 2011 with no further updates. Morocco tolerates biotech products for use in its animal feeds sector but bans genetically...
Agricultural Biotechnology Annual_Rabat_Morocco_10-23-2014

| Agricultural Biotechnology Annual - 2014 | Biotechnology and Other New Production Technologies | Canberra | Australia | 10/29/2014
The Australian federal government is very supportive of biotechnology and has committed considerable long-term funding to research and development. To date, biotech cotton, canola and carnation varieties are the only agricultural crops approved for commercial release into the environment in Australia. Australia requires that food products derived from genetically engineered crops, if they contain more than one percent of biotech product, get prior approval from Food Standards Australia New Zeal...
Agricultural Biotechnology Annual_Canberra_Australia_9-30-2014

| Mexico- A Growth Industry for US Dairy Products | Dairy and Products | Mexico ATO | Mexico | 10/29/2014
On September 9th and 10th, 2014 the Agricultural Trade Office attended the Pan-American Dairy Federation (FEPALE’s) 2014 Dairy Conference in Queretaro, Mexico. The Congress was organized by FEPALE and the National Dairy Industry Chamber (CANILEC) with support from several international associations. It included around 50 hours of seminars, forums, field visits, an expo and research exhibitions.  There were more than 2,000 visitors from 20 countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Spain, U.S. ...
Mexico- A Growth Industry for US Dairy Products _Mexico ATO_Mexico_10-24-2014

| Ukraine halts fruit and vegetable exports to Russia | Agriculture in the News | Kiev | Ukraine | 10/29/2014
After a series import of bans on potatoes, sunflower seeds and soybeans, Russia’s food safety authority, Rosselkhoznadzor introduced a complete ban on all products subject to quarantine control.  The ban covered all fruits and vegetables and is valued at $51 million (based on 2013 values).  While the diversification of vegetable exports seems problematic, fruit exports on the other hand, can be redirected to other markets.  The complete ban package includes meat, dairy and many processed product...
Ukraine halts fruit and vegetable exports to Russia_Kiev_Ukraine_10-24-2014

| EU Annual Report Finds BiH Makes Little Progress in Agriculture | Agricultural Situation | Sarajevo | Bosnia and Herzegovina | 10/29/2014
The European Commission released its Progress Report on BiH’s pre-accession efforts and concluded that substantial work remains to be done in the fields of agriculture and rural development, food safety, veterinary, phytosanitary policy, and fisheries.  BiH has yet to adopt a rural development strategy and it needs to improve its agricultural statistics and information system. Implementation of the food safety and veterinary Acquis also has been unsatisfactory.  In particular, BiH’s official con...
EU Annual Report Finds BiH Makes Little Progress in Agriculture_Sarajevo_Bosnia and Herzegovina_10-24-2014

| Wheat, Barley, Corn, Rye, Oats, Rice, Milled, Millet | October 2014 | Grain and Feed | Moscow | Russian Federation | 10/29/2014
Based on the officially reported data on grain harvest progress, FAS/Moscow increased its forecast of Russia’s total grain crop in MY 2014/15 by 2 million metric tons (MMT) to 101 MMT. The forecasted crop includes 57.5 MMT of wheat, 19 MMT of barley, 11.5 MMT of corn, and almost 13 MMT of other grains and pulses. Given these crop volumes and the volatility of ruble exchange rate Russia may export 28 MMT of grain, including 21 MMT of wheat, 4 MMT of barley, 2.5 MMT of corn, and from 0.5 to 0.8 M...
Grain and Feed Update_Moscow_Russian Federation_10-24-2014

| Weekly Rice Price Update | Grain and Feed | Bangkok | Thailand | 10/29/2014
TH4099 – Export prices declined slightly in anticipation of a new public tender this week.   
Rice Price - Weekly_Bangkok_Thailand_10-24-2014

| Japan Proposes New Standards for Canthaxanthin and Seven Pesticides | Sanitary/Phytosanitary/Food Safety | Tokyo | Japan | 10/29/2014
On October 7, 2014, the Government of Japan (GOJ) announced proposed standards of use for Canthaxanthin (a food additive) and changes to the Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs) for seven agricultural chemicals: Ethiprole, Epoxiconazole, Spiromesifen, Tebufloquin, Propiconazole, Benthiavalicarb-isopropyl, and Penthiopyrad.  This foreign embassies’ comment period for these changes will close on October 24, 2014.  After that, there will be a domestic public comment period and a WTO notification by the Mi...
Japan Proposes New Standards for Canthaxanthin and Seven Pesticides_Tokyo_Japan_10-23-2014

| HRI Trade Showcase – U.S. pavilion at Kuze Tradeshow 2014 | Agricultural Trade Office Activities, CSSF Activity Report, Market Development Reports | Tokyo ATO | Japan | 10/28/2014
On September 9 and 10, ATO Tokyo teamed up with 11 cooperators and importers to create a U.S. food pavilion at the Kuze Tradeshow.  Kuze is a major food service wholesaler and distributor in Japan that holds biannual  trade shows for its customers.  The trade showcase attracted over 4,100 of Kuze’s most serious buyers from the HRI and retail sectors.
HRI Trade Showcase – U.S. pavilion at Kuze Tradeshow 2014_Tokyo ATO_Japan_10-24-2014

| Argentine Sugar Report Update 2014-2015 | Sugar | Buenos Aires | Argentina | 10/28/2014
Post raises Argentine 2015 sugar production estimate to 2.05 million tons, a small increase from USDA’s number due to beneficial weather during harvest time.  Exports and domestic consumption are reduced marginally, resulting in higher ending stocks than earlier projected.
Argentine Sugar Report Update 2014-2015_Buenos Aires_Argentina_10-16-2014

| The Israeli Chief Rabbinate Eases Kosher Slaughter Regulations | Livestock and Products | Tel Aviv | Israel | 10/28/2014
In its efforts to bring down the cost of imported food the Chief Rabbinate of the State of Israel (CR) intends to increase the supply of imported kosher meat. It will be done by slaughterers, employed by the CR, who will certify as “kosher” the meat that came from kosher slaughtered cattle but is disqualified by the Badatz slaughteres.
The Israeli Chief Rabbinate Eases Kosher Slaughter Regulations_Tel Aviv_Israel_9-9-2014

| Philippine Biofuels Situation and Outlook | Biofuels | Manila | Philippines | 10/28/2014
The Philippines has for years mandated biodiesel and ethanol blending in local petroleum diesel fuel and gasoline.  As the country is the world’s top coconut oil producer, there have been no compliance issues in meeting the mandated two percent blend for biodiesel.  Compliance with the current ten percent mandate for ethanol blend in gasoline, however, continues to be a challenge due to inadequate capacity of existing sugarcane distilleries, low productivity and high production costs.  Challenge...
Biofuels Annual_Manila_Philippines_10-22-2014