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Published GAIN Reports

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China Targets U.S. Agriculture in Response to U.S. Trade Actions_Beijing_China - Peoples Republic of_3-23-2018New3/23/2018 10:04 AM
Rice Price - Weekly_Bangkok_Thailand_3-19-2018New3/22/2018 2:55 PM
Bolivia Enters Ethanol Era_Lima_Peru_3-19-2018New3/22/2018 2:55 PM
Commission launches consultation on U.S. steel tariff hike_Brussels USEU_EU-28_3-19-2018New3/22/2018 2:55 PM
Food Service - Hotel Restaurant Institutional_Manila_Philippines_12-6-2017New3/22/2018 2:55 PM
Food Processing Ingredients_Manila_Philippines_3-16-2018New3/22/2018 2:55 PM
Grain and Feed Annual_Bogota_Colombia_3-15-20183/21/2018 2:55 PM
Mexico Publishes Draft Regulations for Selected Dairy Products_Mexico_Mexico_3-13-20183/21/2018 2:55 PM
Grain and Feed Annual_Mexico City_Mexico_3-7-20183/21/2018 2:55 PM
Sugar Production Increases - But Shortages Remain_Addis Ababa_Ethiopia_3-16-20183/21/2018 2:55 PM
Grain and Feed Annual_Addis Ababa_Ethiopia_3-16-20183/21/2018 2:55 PM
Export Declaration Trade Barrier Removed_Tunis_Tunisia_3-16-20183/21/2018 2:55 PM
China Released the Food Safety Standard of Pathogen Limit for Foods_Beijing_China - Peoples Republic of_3-13-20183/21/2018 2:55 PM
Grain and Feed Annual_New Delhi_India_3-16-20183/21/2018 2:55 PM
Export Accomplishment on U.S. Hardwood Released from Detainment _Jakarta_Indonesia_3-15-20183/20/2018 2:56 PM
Food Service - Hotel Restaurant Institutional_Ottawa_Canada_3-5-20183/20/2018 2:56 PM
Oilseeds and Products Annual_Ottawa_Canada_3-15-20183/20/2018 2:56 PM
Grain and Feed Annual_Riyadh_Saudi Arabia_3-15-20183/20/2018 2:56 PM
Poultry Law_Rabat_Morocco_3-15-20183/20/2018 2:56 PM
Exporter Guide_Dakar_Senegal_3-14-20183/20/2018 2:56 PM
Grain and Feed Annual_Bangkok_Thailand_3-15-20183/20/2018 2:56 PM
Pakistan Subsidizes Wheat Exports_Islamabad_Pakistan_3-9-20183/20/2018 2:55 PM
Oilseeds and Products Annual_Jakarta_Indonesia_3-15-20183/20/2018 2:55 PM
Grain and Feed Annual_Tel Aviv_Israel_3-12-20183/20/2018 2:55 PM
Livestock and Products Semi-annual_Seoul_Korea - Republic of_3-14-20183/20/2018 2:55 PM
Revised import tariffs and special consumption taxes_Ho Chi Minh City_Cambodia_3-14-20183/20/2018 2:55 PM
Oilseeds and Products Annual_Beijing_China - Peoples Republic of_3-13-20183/20/2018 2:55 PM
Grain and Feed Annual_Manila_Philippines_3-9-20183/19/2018 2:55 PM
Canada Number One Market for U.S. Agricultural Exports_Ottawa_Canada_3-14-20183/19/2018 2:55 PM
Safeguard Investigation on Imports of Powder Milk and Gouda Cheese_Santiago_Chile_3-14-20183/19/2018 2:55 PM
2018 Cotton Seed and Trait Price Controls_New Delhi_India_3-14-20183/19/2018 2:55 PM
SADC Countries Suspend Processed Meat Imports from South Africa_Pretoria_South Africa - Republic of_3-14-20183/19/2018 2:55 PM
First Live Cattle Exports to Peru in Thirty Years_Lima_Peru_2-15-20183/16/2018 2:56 PM
Fragile Trade- A Year in Egg Exports to Korea_Seoul_Korea - Republic of_3-9-20183/16/2018 2:56 PM
FAIRS Export Certificate Report - Belgium_Brussels USEU_Belgium [without Luxembourg]_3-13-20183/15/2018 2:56 PM
Livestock and Products Semi-annual_Mexico City_Mexico_3-9-20183/15/2018 2:56 PM
Rice Price - Weekly_Bangkok_Thailand_3-12-20183/15/2018 2:56 PM
Emerging City Market Report - Wuhan_Shanghai ATO_China - Peoples Republic of_3-12-20183/15/2018 2:56 PM
Eurasian Economic Union Ag Times No. 1 of 2018_Moscow_Russian Federation_3-5-20183/15/2018 2:56 PM
Emerging City Market Report - Hangzhou_Shanghai ATO_China - Peoples Republic of_3-11-20183/14/2018 2:56 PM
Emerging City Market Report - Nanjing_Shanghai ATO_China - Peoples Republic of_3-1-20183/14/2018 2:56 PM
Food Processing Ingredients_Ottawa_Canada_3-5-20183/14/2018 2:56 PM
Food for Progress Program For Jordan Update The al Karak Dam begin_Amman_Jordan_3-8-20183/14/2018 2:56 PM
Food Safety Highlighted in SecState-AU Chairperson Meeting_Addis Ababa_Ethiopia_3-9-20183/14/2018 2:56 PM
Oilseeds and Products Annual_Seoul_Korea - Republic of_3-9-20183/14/2018 2:56 PM
Best Prospects for U.S. Wood Products in Chile_Santiago_Chile_3-8-20183/13/2018 2:56 PM
Oilseeds and Products Annual_Ankara_Turkey_3-1-20183/13/2018 2:56 PM
Egypt’s Farmers Extract from the Government Higher Sugarcane Procure_Cairo_Egypt_3-6-20183/13/2018 2:56 PM
Indonesia’s Tempeh Producers Celebrate U.S. Soybeans_Jakarta_Indonesia_3-8-20183/13/2018 2:56 PM
Minimal Impact of New HK Chilean Seabass Legislation on U.S. Exports_Hong Kong_Hong Kong_3-8-20183/12/2018 2:56 PM
Oilseeds and Products Annual_Lima_Peru_2-8-20183/12/2018 2:56 PM
Grain and Feed Annual_Quito_Ecuador_2-27-20183/12/2018 2:56 PM
Poultry and Products Semi-annual_Brasilia_Brazil_3-6-20183/12/2018 2:56 PM
Dried Fruit and Nut Sector_Warsaw_Poland_3-2-20183/12/2018 2:56 PM
Oilseeds and Products Annual_Seoul_Korea - Republic of_3-7-20183/12/2018 2:56 PM
Hormone Ban - Regulation of Estrogen-active Substances_Tunis_Tunisia_3-6-20183/9/2018 2:56 PM
South Africa Considering Expropriating Land Without Compensation_Pretoria_South Africa - Republic of_3-2-20183/9/2018 2:56 PM
Rice Price - Weekly_Bangkok_Thailand_3-6-20183/9/2018 2:56 PM
Tariffs on Desi Chickpeas Raised_New Delhi_India_3-6-20183/9/2018 2:56 PM
Amendments in Food Licensing and Registration Made Operational_New Delhi_India_3-6-20183/9/2018 2:56 PM
South Africa Appoints a New Deputy Minister of Agriculture_Pretoria_South Africa - Republic of_3-2-20183/9/2018 2:56 PM
Grain and Feed Annual_Cairo_Egypt_2-26-20183/9/2018 2:56 PM
Oilseeds and Products Annual_Cairo_Egypt_2-27-20183/9/2018 2:56 PM
Grain and Feed Annual_Amman_Jordan_2-27-20183/9/2018 2:56 PM
Exporter Guide_Ottawa_Canada_2-23-20183/8/2018 2:56 PM
Bustling Comarca Lagunera Wellserviced Market with Ample Niche Opp_Monterrey ATO_Mexico_3-2-20183/7/2018 2:56 PM
ATO Monterrey's Participation in Agricultural Seminar in Laredo TX_Monterrey ATO_Mexico_3-2-20183/7/2018 2:56 PM
China's Annual Agricultural Policy Goals_Beijing_China - Peoples Republic of_3-2-20183/7/2018 2:56 PM
China Withdraws AD CVD Measures on U.S. Poultry_Beijing_China - Peoples Republic of_3-2-20183/7/2018 2:56 PM
Japan to Decide GE Labeling Requirements Soon_Tokyo_Japan_3-2-20183/7/2018 2:56 PM
U.S. Exhibitors Nailed Great Results at Hong Kong Food Expo 2017_Hong Kong_Hong Kong_1-4-20183/6/2018 2:56 PM
US Exhibitors Toast Great Results at HK Int'l Wine and Spirits Fair _Hong Kong_Hong Kong_1-4-20183/6/2018 2:56 PM
Livestock and Products Semi-annual_Ottawa_Canada_2-28-20183/6/2018 2:56 PM
Livestock and Products Semi-annual_Brasilia_Brazil_2-28-20183/6/2018 2:56 PM
Oilseeds and Products Annual_Tunis_Tunisia_3-1-20183/6/2018 2:56 PM
Livestock and Products Semi-annual_Kiev_Ukraine_3-1-20183/6/2018 2:56 PM
Exporter Guide_The Hague_Norway_3-1-20183/6/2018 2:56 PM
Procedures Adopted for Registration of GE Feeds and Vet Medicines_Kiev_Ukraine_2-28-20183/6/2018 2:55 PM
Consumer Study on China's Imported Food Products_Shanghai ATO_China - Peoples Republic of_3-1-20183/6/2018 2:55 PM
Ethiopia Looking Again to Buy More Sugar_Addis Ababa_Ethiopia_3-1-20183/6/2018 2:55 PM
Monthly Agricultural Market News of South China – 19_Guangzhou_China - Peoples Republic of_3-1-20183/6/2018 2:55 PM
GOI Budget 2018-19 – Agricultural Highlights_New Delhi_India_2-20-20183/6/2018 2:55 PM
Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards - Certification_Ottawa_Canada_2-15-20183/5/2018 2:56 PM
Retail Foods_Ankara_Turkey_2-28-20183/5/2018 2:56 PM
Positive Prospects for U.S. Wine in Romania_Bucharest_Romania_2-28-20183/5/2018 2:56 PM
FSSAI - Draft Notice on Standards for Fruit and Vegetable Products_New Delhi_India_2-28-20183/5/2018 2:56 PM
Livestock and Products Semi-annual_Canberra_Australia_2-27-20183/2/2018 2:56 PM
FSSAI Notifies Sixteenth Amendment of Food Additives Regulations _New Delhi_India_2-27-20183/2/2018 2:56 PM
Extension Given in Compliance Directions for Caffeinated Beverages _New Delhi_India_2-26-20183/2/2018 2:56 PM
India to Levy New Surcharge on Imported Goods_New Delhi_India_2-27-20183/2/2018 2:56 PM
Chilean Demand for Healthy Food Products Continues to Grow_Santiago_Chile_2-26-20183/1/2018 2:56 PM
Livestock and Products Semi-annual_Buenos Aires_Argentina_2-26-20183/1/2018 2:56 PM
Poultry and Products Semi-annual_Paris_EU-28_2-26-20183/1/2018 2:56 PM
Rice Price - Weekly_Bangkok_Thailand_2-26-20183/1/2018 2:56 PM
Poultry and Products Semi-annual_Mexico City_Mexico_2-19-20182/28/2018 2:56 PM
Improved Market Access for US Bovine Semen_Rabat_Morocco_2-23-20182/28/2018 2:56 PM
New Rules on BPA More Restrictive _Brussels USEU_EU-28_2-23-20182/28/2018 2:56 PM
MHLW invites public comments on revision of tofu standards_Tokyo_Japan_2-23-20182/28/2018 2:56 PM
USDA Inspects Niger and Geranium Export Facilities in Ethiopia_Addis Ababa_Ethiopia_2-23-20182/28/2018 2:56 PM
Ethiopia Retenders for 400TMT of Wheat _Addis Ababa_Ethiopia_2-23-20182/28/2018 2:56 PM
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