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Reports Detailing Retaliation to U.S. 232 and 301
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GAIN Reports from the past 3 days

These reports are in PDF format and you will need Adobe Reader in order to view or print these files. The download is free at

| Pigs Infected with ASF Identified Before Reaching Hong Kong Border | Agriculture in the News, Livestock and Products, Sanitary/Phytosanitary/Food Safety | Hong Kong | Hong Kong | 8/22/2019
Late evening of August 13, media reports stated that two pigs were confirmed to be infected with the African Swine Fever (ASF) virus in the interim transfer house in Shenzhen, China before crossing the border with Hong Kong.  Pigs are required to pass through this transfer house for additional monitoring and inspection before entering Hong Kong so as to ensure pigs supplied to Hong Kong are healthy and free of ASF. 
Pigs Infected with ASF Identified Before Reaching Hong Kong Border_Hong Kong_Hong Kong_8-14-2019

| Poultry, Meat, Broiler | 2019 Market Situation Summary and 2020 Outlook | Poultry and Products | Tokyo | Japan | 8/22/2019
Japan's poultry meat production is projected to continue steady growth in 2019 and 2020 on improved productivity as a result of industry consolidation.  Efficiency gains, particularly for feed use, will help push down wholesale prices and fuel consumption of new product offerings.  Imports of chilled and frozen chicken meat are projected to slow on higher domestic supply as well as trader difficulty procuring volumes from traditional suppliers.  However, this decline will be partially offset by ...
Poultry and Products Annual_Tokyo_Japan_8-19-2019

| Raisins | RAISIN ANNUAL 2019 | Raisins | Buenos Aires | Argentina | 8/21/2019
Argentina’s raisin production is forecast stable at 44,000 metric tons (MT) in CY 2020.  Exports are forecast up to 40,000 MT on higher production over last year, however, overall Argentina raisins face loss of competitiveness due to economic conditions. 
Raisin Annual_Buenos Aires_Argentina_8-16-2019

| Meat, Beef and Veal | Livestock and Products Annual 2019 | Livestock and Products | Buenos Aires | Paraguay | 8/21/2019
Paraguayan beef exports in marketing year 2020 are forecast to revive to 350,000 tons carcass weight equivalent (cwe) due to a projected increase in beef production and stagnant domestic consumption.  Chile, the Russian Federation, Taiwan and the European Union are expected to continue as the main export destinations.
Livestock and Products Annual_Buenos Aires_Paraguay_8-16-2019

| Animal Numbers, Cattle, Meat, Beef and Veal, Animal Numbers, Swine, Meat, Swine | Higher Pork Consumption Drives Production as Mexico Increases Exports of Pork and Beef | Livestock and Products | Mexico City | Mexico | 8/21/2019
Mexico’s livestock industry is set to increase production into 2020 as the beef and pork sectors expand exports.  While domestic consumption of beef is down, the beef industry continues its steady growth as it dramatically increased exports in the first part of the year.  The pork industry will increase production to meet higher domestic demand as consumers switch to more affordable proteins.  The pork sector in particular is looking to increase exports to China and other countries in the wake o...
Livestock and Products Annual_Mexico City_Mexico_8-14-2019

| African Swine Fever Keeps Romania’s Pork Industry Vigilant | Livestock and Products, Pest/Disease Occurrences | Bucharest | Romania | 8/21/2019
Romania’s pork industry continues to struggle with African swine fever (ASF).  According to Romania’s National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority (NSVFSA), there are currently about 600 active cases in backyard farms, four outbreaks in commercial holdings, and about 1,800 cases in wild boars.  Since it first appeared in 2017, Romania has confirmed over 1,500 ASF detections.  As the virus has spread, the pork industry continues to struggle with movement prohibitions, trade restrictions...
African Swine Fever Keeps Romania’s Pork Industry Vigilant _Bucharest_Romania_8-13-2019

| Furniture Consumption Is on the Rise in Northeast China | Wood Products | Shenyang | China - Peoples Republic of | 8/21/2019
The Liaoning Furniture Association (LFA) held its 10th Shenyang International Furniture Expo (SIFE) on August 9, 2019.  Over 1,000 companies exhibited at the expo which attracted over 110,000 visitors
Furniture Consumption Is on the Rise in Northeast China_Shenyang_China - Peoples Republic of_8-16-2019

| Select | Turkey Stone Fruit Annual 2019 | Stone Fruit | Ankara | Turkey | 8/20/2019
The total cherry production forecast in Turkey in Marketing Year (MY) 2019/20 is 865,000 metric tons (MT), which is 41,000 MT more than the MY 2018/19 estimate. The peach and nectarine production forecast for MY 2019/20 is 830,000 MT, 40,000 MT more than the MY 2018/19 estimate. Stone fruits exports are increasing due to abundant production and strong demand from the Russian and EU markets. Turkey has begun exporting fresh sweet cherries to China for the first time. This report covers cherries, ...
Stone Fruit Annual_Ankara_Turkey_8-15-2019

| Retail Foods Update | Retail Foods | Jakarta | Indonesia | 8/20/2019
In 2018, Indonesia’s imports of consumer-oriented agricultural products grew to $5.9 billion, an 8.5 percent increase from the previous year.  Increasing urbanization and a growing middle-class suggest continued modern retail sector growth.  Strong regional trade competition and a bureaucratic product registration process present challenges for market entry of U.S. products.
Retail Foods_Jakarta_Indonesia_7-1-2019

| Fresh Peaches & Nectarines, Fresh Cherries,(Sweet&Sour), Fresh Cherries,(Sweet&Sour), Fresh Peaches & Nectarines | Peach and Nectarine Imports Stable, Total Cherry Imports Decrease on U.S. Production Woes | Stone Fruit | Taipei | Taiwan | 8/20/2019
In 2018, Taiwan was the third largest export market for U.S. peaches and nectarines and the fourth largest export market for U.S. cherries.  Taiwan’s peach and nectarine production is forecast to decline from 22,506 metric tons (MT) in 2018 to 17,000 MT in 2019 due to poor bearing.  Total Peach and nectarine imports are forecast to be stable during the upcoming U.S. shipping season, in line with the historic trend at 15,000 MT.  Total Cherry imports for the full year are forecast to decrease by ...
Stone Fruit Annual_Taipei_Taiwan_8-13-2019

| Food Processing Ingredients Report Update | Food Processing Ingredients | Jakarta | Indonesia | 8/20/2019
The Indonesian food and beverage industry is comprised of over 5,000 large and medium size companies and is valued at an estimated $188 billion.  Nearly 70 percent of food ingredients are imported.  Urbanization and a growing middle-class are driving demand for packaged foods, leading to increased production capacity among food and beverage processors.
Food Processing Ingredients_Jakarta_Indonesia_4-8-2019